12 best online lingerie stores for all budgets and body types

12 best online lingerie stores for all budgets and body types
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Feeling great in your clothes is key to daily confidence, and it’s what you wear underneath that sets the tone for the whole look. Nobody wants to tug at haywire seams all day or feel bound in all the wrong ways, so why not toss every ill-fitting item you’ve been holding onto and set on a journey anew? 

Whether it’s underwear, bras, lingerie, and loungewear that you’re looking to upgrade, we’ve done the research to see which online stores carry a plethora of beautiful, comfortable, and size-inclusive undergarments meant to make you look and feel your best at every budget. Keep reading to discover your new go-to places for all things sexy, sensual, supportive, and comfortable. 

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Playful Promises

The name says it all for this fun company whose chic, modern takes on retro inspired lingerie are fun, flirty, and come in a broad range of sizes so all bodies can get in on the action. Various brands and in-house pieces abound here, from Hustler branded lacy bits to the burlesque glamour of Dita Von Teese’s eponymous line, meaning nearly everyone can find at least one piece on the website that speaks to them on an amorous level. And don’t miss their sales–you’ll barely believe the discounts they’re wont to dole out. 

Playful Promises


As CEO and Founder of Snag Brie Read said recently in a press release of Snag:

“At Snag, we are determined to make the fashion industry a more inclusive, affordable and sustainable place. We want everyone to be able to wear clothes that fit and make them feel great, with minimal impact upon the environment.”

To reach these goals, Snag offers all of their styles in sizes 4 through 38 and use materials like Ecovero viscose and recycled polymide, as well as ethically sourced New Zealand wool in order to cause less impact on the environment.

In addition to a beautifully curated selection of tights and shorts designed to nip the dreaded “chub rub,” Snag also offers a new line of swimwear designed to flatter tummies of all types and show off curves beautifully.

And the best part of it all is the price: Tights run an average of $12 per pair, while most swim separates hover around the $25 mark.

Adam & Eve

You may know Adam & Eve as a go-to destination for all your sex toy needs, but they also have an impressive array of lingerie ranging from the ultra-kinky to casual pajama bottoms for her and him. There’s an entire plus size section to accommodate a wide range of body types, and there’s almost always a coupon or promotional code somewhere online that will get you savings up to 50% off the already low ticket prices. It’s the perfect one-stop shop for everything you need to make bedtime a lot more interesting. 

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Bare Necessities 

Chat with a fit assistant on this all-inclusive, affordable site that carries cup sizes up to KK so even the most difficult-to-shop-for bra wearer is covered. They also offer an endless array of underwear in all styles and coverages from renowned brands like Chantelle, Calvin Klein, Bali, and plenty of others so no matter what your taste, you’re sure to find something. Naturally they offer swimwear, activewear, and hosiery as well, so click through and get lost in the options you’ll find. 

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Maylyn & Co. 

May Deldari, CEO & Founder of Maylyn & Co, started the company to create a line of gorgeous, organic wearables that felt great against the body while looking beautiful on the wearer. As she says in her mission statement, “It all began with skin sensitivity to synthetic materials used in clothes. The feeling of being stuck in the fabric. The desire to get rid of them every second because of the irritation they caused.”

This ambitious goal was supplemented by the May’s desire for ethical working conditions, long-lasting quality, and a commitment to vegan, cruelty-free products, and the resulting line harbors stunning pieces made from unique fabrics like plant-based silk that is breathable and light as well as looking rich and fashionable. The patterns are glorious, especially our personal favorite seen on this Noirporium Vegan Silk Slip, and echo a conscientious grandeur that will let you relax fully with a clear conscious while soothing textiles dance across the skin. 

Maylyn & Co.


Classy, luxurious, and built for flattering comfort, Natori is a go-to for high end lingerie seekers who want to look stunning even when lounging but aren’t wild about complicated straps, bells, and whistles. From neutral bralettes with delicate lace details to decadent satin jacquard PJs, head to Natori to comb through their ladylike offerings and live out your best luxe lingerie fantasies. 

Victoria’s Secret 

Clearly this is the obvious choice on this list of wear to go when you’re looking for great lingerie at a mid-level price point, but Victoria’s Secret is a classic for a reason! They carry gorgeous lingerie of all types, from silky smooth robes to strappy, decadent sets built for seduction. The company really excels in the push-up bra department and is known for their highly glamorous campaigns throughout the years, so head to the VS website if you’re looking for a dramatic oomph in your undergarment wardrobe. 

Thistle And Spire

You may recognize this band from their viral Medusa bodysuit that every influencer and half your friends probably bought after seeing it become ubiquitous on Instagram, but Thistle and Spire offer up plenty other gorgeous creations that flatter a wide variety of body types with a slightly edgy flair. The brand finds a way to constantly incorporate trendy motifs into their new releases that manage to look fresh and eternal without feeling flashy or tired after a single season. Their “bestsellers” page is stacked with enviable sets and one-piece looks, so check it out to inject some style into your underwear drawer and dare to wear some of the more full coverage pieces with jeans and a blazer if you’re feeling extra spicy. 

Thistle and Spire


Cuup keeps things fairly simple by offering just five styles of unlined bra, but their inclusive sizing and body positive, confidence-boosting ethos is designed to make every woman feel her best in even the bare bones basics. This brand is best for the no-frills type who wants to feel supported in luxury, high performance fabrics while still sensual in Cuup’s clean lines and perfect fit. 

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Kim Kardashian may not have started out as a designer, but her widely love undergarment, lingerie, and basics company SKIMS has proved once more that she’s an influential force that cannot be stopped. The collection tends to focus on body-hugging pieces done in neutrals to suit a wide range of skin tones and basics like black or white, and shapes are classic, flattering, and highly breathable and stretchy. Check out the bestsellers page to see what shoppers are snatching up like these popular cotton rib tanks or the coveted cotton jersey boy short.

Fits Everybody T-Shirt BraSkims


While not known for expert quality or sustainable practices, Shein is a convenient place to snag experimental items you might hesitate to drop loads of cash on without seeing it on your body. They have nearly every style imaginable in their vast catalogue of fast fashion lingerie, and the prices are seriously jaw-dropping considering how decently constructed many of the pieces can be. If you’re feeling unsure about something you spot and want to know if it’s worth the gamble, you can always check the user reviews to see real-life pictures and write ups–they’re brutally honest and will inform you if something is not quite up to snuff for your collection. 


Best known as a plus size retailer, it should be no surprise Torrid also specializes in providing dazzling lingerie for curvy clients who want to shine. Wire-free, plunge, tee shirt, or strapless, there’s a bra for everyone in the intimate section’s basics. We love the more adventurous stuff though, like the Betsey Johnson pink leopard satin bodysuit that frankly should never have to be covered by clothes at all. There’s also plenty of tips and tricks to figure out which size fits correctly so lumps, bumps, and gaps aren’t an issue when ordering online. 


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