Woman urges people to not get their teeth done abroad – comparing them to 'piano keys'

Woman urges people to not get their teeth done abroad – comparing them to 'piano keys'
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A woman has warned people against getting their teeth done abroad after hers turned out like “piano keys”.

TikTok user Aida (@aida_azizii) urged others against doing what she had done and shared her own experience of getting veneers on a whim while away.

In a video that has been viewed more than 15.5 million times, Aida filmed herself showing off her dodgy veneers that appeared bright white and too big for her mouth.

As she zoomed in she appeared to mouth, “what the f**k”, while text overlay on the video read: “Research before your get your teeth done.”

Meanwhile, in the comment section, she elaborated on what had occurred during the bizarre-sounding dental treatment, writing: “Guys this isn’t a normal story, the dentist asked for my hand in marriage in the middle of the session, then made me a shisha, I have receipts.”

One amused TikToker replied: “THAT'S MINECRAFT BLOCKS.”

Another said: “PIANO KEYS.”

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In a follow-up clip, Aida went into detail about why she got her teeth done on a whim and what happened during the disastrous dental appointment.

Aida explained it happened when she was in Iran, where all her cousins have their teeth nicely done.

Their cousin’s dentist was unavailable but a friend of a friend recommended their dentist so she went with it and trusted them without doing any research.

She continued: “I called this doctor and he’s like, ‘Yeah, you can come today. Come at 7pm’. So I go and the dentist is busy with another patient so his dental assistant starts working on my teeth.”

The dental assistant recommended that she get the whitest shade possible and claimed the colour would dull down within two years.


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Then dental assistant worked on the bottom row of her teeth, before going home and leaving the rest to the dentist.

He began asking her about her English accent and quizzing her about herself, including asking if she is married or engaged.

After a few hours of working on her teeth, they took a break and he offered her shisha. He also went to the supermarket to buy fruit for her.

She continued: “Then he starts asking about my family, what city I’m from in Iran, all of these things, what I like. Literally, we’re joking around, we’re talking for like an hour because he really needed a break.

“And then he says to me, ‘Do you want to get married?’ and I was like, ‘What?’. And he was like, ‘No, I’m being serious, do you want to get married?’ He was like, ‘I really like you? Like, do you want to get married?’”

One TikTok user commented: “okay first red flag was going at 7pm.”

Another person said: “Shisha at the dentist? That’s a new one.”

Someone else suggested: “he’s looking for that British passport.”

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