Woman wearing thong bikini twerks in family pool - and some people were furious

Woman wearing thong bikini twerks in family pool - and some people were furious
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A woman wearing a thong bikini twerked at a hotel pool in front of children - and some people are slamming her.

In the shocking footage shared by the Instagram account @InfluencersInTheWild on Monday (17 October), the unidentified woman appeared to be recording a suggestive dance routine for social media as the kids played in the nearby water.

"Save our children," the account's caption reads, showing the video footage.

The video was initially filmed by an onlooker at an unidentified location.

People took to the post's comment section to explain that the woman's behavior was inappropriate and that she was "s*** dropping" as she seemingly acted out an energetic routine with a friend for an unseen recorder.

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In one part of the video, she briefly twerked her behind in the direction of the youngsters.

"Why is this behavior allowed in front of children[?] This is why so many people are concerned for future generations. Children shouldn't be exposed to this kind of stuff," one person wrote on Instagram.

"What's wrong with people???….. literally shameless nonsense.. get it together, lol," another added.

A third wrote: "Irresponsible adulting. What an example to set for those very young girls."

Someone else believed that the kids didn't notice the provocative dancing and added: "I love that the sweet innocent kids are just completely ignoring her.

And although some didn't think the dancing was necessarily problematic, they also said it wasn't the best behaviour in the setting.

"This is so so sad... all those young impressionable little girls sitting right there! I'm not going to hate on those women doing [their] thing, but there's a TIME and a PLACE for it, and this ain't it!!" one added.

Another added: "I'm actually disturbed [by]this. There's a time and place for things, and with children around, this act shouldn't have happened."

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