A woman is uninvited from her sister’s wedding because she won’t allow her to honeymoon at her house
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Rifts between friends and family can sometimes occur due to differing beliefs about how things should go. But what happens when a wedding is at stake and ideologies caused some people to be uninvited altogether?

In a Reddit forum titled r/AmITheAsshole, a Redditor didn’t want her sister to have her honeymoon at her house, which resulted in her getting booted out of the wedding.

“My house used to belong to my parents. But they sold it to me in 2017. It had been a family vacation home of sorts. Every couple of years when my grandparents were alive, they’d invite us, kids, up there for a week,” the Redditor began to explain.

She went on to say that she’d been saving up to buy a home since she was 20-years-old and that her father suggested that she buy the vacation home.

The conflict really started to emerge when the Redditor found out that her sister and fiance would be staying at the home for two weeks.

“Puzzled, I answered ‘my house’? She got a sour look and said that wouldn’t work, her and fiance would be there, and they wanted private time,” the Redditor said.

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The siblings ended up getting into an argument where the Redditor didn’t feel it was her parents' place to make that judgment call. And the parents thought she was “unreasonable.”

The Redditor further told her parents that she was uncomfortable with her sister and soon-to-be husband potentially consummating their union in the house. The parents thought it was selfish while the sister was sad that she couldn’t have the wedding of her dreams.

After that, they stopped talking, and she was uninvited from the festivities.

In an edit to the original post, the Redditor eventually spoke to her sister, asking her if she knew that the home was legally in her name as she bought it years ago. However, the sister was completely unaware and thought the parents were letting her live their “rent-free.”

“And when she asked why they sold it, I was honest and said it was to pay for her college tuition/lifestyle. She became quiet after that, and we soon hung up,” the Redditor continued.

Now, she has no idea what to expect from the situation moving forward.

People in the comments didn’t think the Redditor was the a**hole here, saying that no one asked permission before assuming she was comfortable with the plan.

“Idk if it’s just me, but the favoritism is shining brighter than the sun. NTA, your sister is crazy for expecting that before even conforming with you, lol,” someone wrote.

“What?? No! Nope, nope. Not giving up your house for her honeymoon. What a ridiculous idea? And she didn’t even ask? She just informed you. Wow. And your parents are okay with that. Wow,” someone else wrote.

A third took it to the point of changing the locks on them, saying, “Forget the spare keys. With how they’re acting, I’d change all the locks entirely.”

Although it’s still unclear what will happen with the sisters’ relationship, one thing is certain—mom and dad have some explaining to do.

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