'Pregnant couple erupts with joy following WHOLESOME gender reveal '

TikTok user @dinkymisspretty, aka Ashlee, was hoping for a baby girl when revealing her new baby's sex at her gender reveal party. Having one son already, she wanted a girl badly, something she says everyone knew.

The mom-to-be posted a video of her gender reveal on TikTok gaining over 400,000 views. In the video, Ashlee pops an opaque balloon revealing blue confetti. But at the same time, her mother shoots off a pink confetti cannon - confusing Ashlee into thinking she is having a girl

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The mom-to-be jumps around excitedly screaming thinking she's having a little girl. Quickly, Ashlee's son comes up to her to tell her the confetti was actually blue and she's having another boy.

Ashlee's face drops as she realizes her mother tricked her.

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#fyp #foryou #genderrevealfail #genderreveal #genderrevealparty #mom #ROMWEnextgen

#fyp #foryou #genderrevealfail #genderreveal #genderrevealparty #mom #ROMWEnextgen

"I was pissed," Ashlee wrote in an on-screen caption. When commenters pointed out that having a baby boy wasn't a bad thing Ashlee clarified. "I wasn't mad it was a boy I was mad they had me think it was a girl", she wrote.

Many commenters agreed with the mom-to-be saying if they had been tricked the same way they would be very upset.

Commenters sympathized with Ashlee after her mom tricked her into thinking she had a girl@dinkymisspretty / TikTok

The mom-to-be revealed in the comments she has not spoken to her mother since the prank, but said there were other reasons contributing to this too.

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