Woman disgusted after husband leaves her for her daughter and starts a family

Woman disgusted after husband leaves her for her daughter and starts a family
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A woman revealed that her husband left her for her daughter and started a whole family with her.

In a since-deleted post to the subreddit Relationship Advice, the woman who went by the alias “Tiffany” said that her dreams had come true when she met her ex-husband “Mark.”

When she met him, she had a 3-year-old daughter and had found it dating as a single mom to be complicated.

So, when Tiffany encountered a man who wanted to be with her, help raise her daughter, and build a family, she felt on top of the world.

“My life felt perfect. In 2010, I had a son with my husband. My life was then complete. I had two kids. A great husband. A house. Car. Nice job. Life was great,” she wrote on Reddit.

But seven years later, Tiffany’s “perfect” life came crashing down.

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Not long after her daughter’s 18th birthday, Mark said that he was done with his marriage to Tiffany and that he was in a relationship with her daughter.”

“I couldn’t believe this. I couldn’t process it. I felt crushed, angry, disgusted, mad — every feeling I could feel.”

She further said that he ex-husband didn’t give her “creepy vibes,” but the fact that he got with her daughter at 18 makes her believe “something had been going on while she was a minor.”

However, nothing Tiffany said to the two stopped them from leaving and getting together. She even shared that her daughter didn’t seem to understand why she was angry.

“She doesn’t see how it’s wrong or gross. She doesn’t care about me. He doesn’t see an issue too. But my own daughter? Come on,” she said.

The new couple became pregnant one year later, which was when Tiffany cut them out of her life.

“I had my ex-husband stop coming around completely, and my ex is OK with not seeing our son now that he has his ‘new’ family,” she explained.

Tiffany also said that the son she shares with Mark sometimes has a hard time “understanding” why his father and sister are gone, and she didn’t tell “him the truth.”

“Maybe I should, but he’s only 10. I told him his sister went to university, and his dad had to go away for a while.”

It’s been four years since this moment, and Tiffany discovered through a family member that her daughter was, at the time, pregnant with a second baby.

“She now has two kids by my ex-husband. The man who raised her like she was his own daughter,” she said before adding that her daughter’s kids are her grandchildren and also half-siblings to her son.

“I’m still not over this. I don’t know how to get over this. I just want to move on,” she continued.

People on the platform didn’t hesitate to share that Tiffany is not at fault. Some believe the ex-husband “groomed” her daughter.

One person wrote: Jesus f****** christ. I cannot unsee this. How can they not see that this is so wrong in so many levels?”

“This is beyond disgusting For sure; he groomed her

“I would start therapy ASAP,” another added.

A third, who also agreed that therapy would be helpful in this situation, wrote: “Please see a therapist; this is probably your best way.

“As for your daughter not caring, you realize she has been groomed for years to be exactly as she is now. She might not realize it now (she is still very young), but she will. It will take time.

“I am sorry this is happening to you.”

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