Women have explained 11 things men will never understand

There are some things in this life that you won't understand if you grew up as a member of the opposite sex.

Redditors decided to discuss and create a list of the things that men will simply never understand about life as a woman.

1. Periods

The horror of a sneeze, described by redditor Vinnara as:

Wondering if you are going to get lucky, or instead get the dreaded 'oh god it feels like I just birthed a jellyfish' feeling.

2. Being able to somehow be a size 0 and also a size 8

Women's clothing sizes are completely arbitrary according to the vanity-sizing fashion industry.

3. The horrific feeling of putting on a bra on a cold winter morning

But the absolute glory in taking it off in the evening.

4. Baby and bridal showers

The co-ed ones that men are invited to aren't the same beast in any way.

You can't not go and it's purgatory, fawning over a child or a mother for years. No one cares that much.

Your offspring isn't even that cute. Why am I here?

5. How much boobs can get in the way of everyday activities

Also the occasional adjustments required - don't make it awkward, don't make eye contact, don't comment, we're just trying to avoid an incident here.

6. Pregnancy

A human is growing inside you, you may have felt a heartbeat, seen them on a screen, felt them kick.

You worry about what you eat because it may not be safe for them, you get pains often and worry about them often, your hormones are in flux, you don't want to be treated as if you're made of glass.

If you get through all nine months, you then have to push it out of your tearing vagina.

And then you have a child.

7. Shaving

We're all mammals and have roughly the same amount of fur. That's a lot of razor blades and surface area.

Rashes, ingrown hairs, itchy stubble, cuts.

All in the pursuit of feeling and being felt silky smooth.

8. Constantly being expected to smile


9. Going from being underestimated because you're a child...

...to being underestimated because you're a woman.

10. What it feels like to be weaker than most people who desire you

Feeling like you're being paranoid for the everyday reminder that most men wouldn't, but most men probably could, do you harm if they wanted to.

11. Trying on clothes while wearing lipstick

Forgetting to suck your lips in and causing a smudge and therefore necessary purchase of said white blouse. Regrettable.

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