Women are saying ‘oh it’s like Kohl’s cash’ to trigger crypto obsessives after viral TikTok

Women are saying ‘oh it’s like Kohl’s cash’ to trigger crypto obsessives after viral TikTok

A viral tweet about mansplaining is still making the rounds following the viral TikTok that inspired it.

Brittani Warrick, niece and social media manager of Dionne Warwick, tweeted: “definitely saying ‘Oh, so it’s like Kohl’s cash.’ next time a man tries to explain crypto to me when i didn’t ask.” The tweet has garnered over 33,000 retweets and nearly 300,000 likes since being posted.

The tweet has inspired other women to do the same.

Kohl’s even joined in with a humorous tweet of their own.

After it gained significant traction, Warrick shared the TikTok that inspired her tweet: a recent installment in user @KylePrue’s viral series about how to upset men.


Reply to @carolllblo how to upset men part 5 #polyamory #men #shortkings #cameo #sellout #investments #joker

In the TikTok, Prue provides a humorous list of things women can say to anger men, including saying “Oh it’s like Kohl’s cash” when a man explains cryptocurrency. Prue also suggests calling their favorite director “basic” and saying that the Joker in the rumored sequel to the Todd Phillips blockbuster should be played by a woman.

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The video is one of several in Prue’s series, with each installment garnering millions of views. In the ongoing series, Prue, a Hollywood-based actor and a YA fantasy author, reads the topics off of a Notes app list in a deadpan, monotone voice. Another recent addition to the series has gained over 8.5 million views since being posted on October 21st, with Prue encouraging his audience to tell men that they’re “like the male Amy Schumer” and that they “seem to be having a lot of feelings right now.”


Reply to @sadandnotglad1 #greenscreen how to upset men part 4 #jrotc #polyamory #jamescorden #ivyleague #wallstreet #investmenttips

Prue recently duetted a TikTok from a male user who threatened violence in response to his series, proving that his suggestions do, in fact, upset men.

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