Women reveal least attractive qualities in men that they mistakenly think are appealing

Women reveal least attractive qualities in men that they mistakenly think are appealing
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People can easily miss negative personality traits - particularly when they occur in themselves.

And sometimes, they can even mistake those negative personality traits for positive attributes. It’s a mistake that can lead to endless confusion and upset- as they’re repeatedly left baffled by people just aren’t that into them.

But, thanks to Reddit, women have taken to the forum to expose the personality traits of men that are deemed unattractive – that men still think of as appealing.

The ‘know it all’

According to a study of 383 adults, Gilles Gignac, a senior lecturer at the University of Western Australia, found that ‘intelligence’ was the second most highly ranked trait behind ‘kind and understanding.’

While many people consider themselves a sapiosexual – someone who is turned on by intelligence – there’s a fine line between having a high IQ and being a ‘know it all.’

One Redditor’s response fired up 6.5K fellow users. They said: ‘“Knowing” everything. Sure, intelligence is nice, but it’s f***ing transparent when you start bullsh****ng just so you don’t have to admit there’s something you don’t know. Especially if I do know it.’

Reddit users flocked to support the comment Reddit

The one who flaunts his wealth

Reddit users say they see right through men who brag about their finances. According to one study, men who flaunt their money and luxury cars make poor potential long-term partners. Dr Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan suggests that ‘men may simply be investing in these cars to try to attract mates, for a short-term brief sexual relationship...’

‘If this is their motive, women can tell the difference.’

One woman called it out as an ‘instant turnoff.’ She said, ‘There’s some type of woman that this will impress - but it sure as hell would not be me. Tell me what kind of books or music you’re into, food, and hell - even tv shows or movies. That would be so much more interesting than bragging about how loaded you are.’

The ‘one-up’ man

One-upmanship is the habit of always trying to outdo other people’s accomplishments and personal stories. Competition can be fun and healthy, but it becomes a problem when it turns into excessive social comparison. It can also border on putting the other person down to make themselves appear better.

In a response that racked up 14K upvotes and was by far, a notable negative trait according to users, ‘The one up man. Almost always dominates the conversation and one-ups everyone else’s experiences and replies. Shows me you’re immature and can’t hold a conversation without the focus being on you.’

The indecisive one

While decision-making comes easy to most, one Redditor took to the thread to express her frustration when it becomes an occurring theme.

When asked what the least attractive trait in a man is, she replied: ‘Leaving every decision to me.’

Some guys may see it as a way to look or seem agreeable, but lacking an opinion on every decision is off-putting.

‘If a man is my partner, then I want his input on decisions, even if they’re just small ones like what movie to watch or what to have for dinner. Shrugging and saying, “I don’t know. You decide,” all the time is not going to make me happy. It’s lazy and it makes me feel more like a guy’s mother than his partner.’

One user fired back with a genius psychological trick to solve the dilemma: ‘If your partner does this don’t ask them where they want to eat, just say, “I’m taking you out to eat…guess where?” And then where ever they guess is most likely the place they wanted to go.’

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