Woman have three types of orgasms: wave, volcano, and avalanche

Woman have three types of orgasms: wave, volcano, and avalanche
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New research has revealed that women experience three types of orgasm, including one crudely called an "avalanche".

As a part of a long-term study exploring the female orgasm, James Pfaus, a professor of neuroscience at Charles University in Prague, identified that there are varying "levels of pleasure".

Researchers asked 54 consenting women to use a Bluetooth-connected vibrator, the Lioness and found varying contractions of the pelvic floor muscles from doing so, reports JOE. The sex toy used two sensors on its sides before scientists logged the data to analyse the movement.

Pfaus distinguished the three levels as the "wave", the "avalanche", and the "volcano".

Noting the difference between each type of orgasm, Pfaus said: "The wave looks like undulations or successive contractions of tension and release at orgasm."

The most common orgasm was the wave, with 26 participants experiencing "undulations" in the pelvic floor.

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Coming in second was the avalanche, with 17 women experiencing this movement. Pfaus characterised it as riding "on a higher pelvic floor tension with contractions that lower the tension downward during orgasm."

Meanwhile, 11 reached the volcano orgasm.

The volcano "rides on a lower pelvic floor tension but then explodes into tension and release during orgasm."

The recent findings come after another study found that climatic moaning is a misconception when having an orgasm.

Researchers at the University of Ottawa insist that sexual moaning should be removed from the Bodily Sensations of Orgasm Scale (BSOS), commonly used to evaluate the female orgasm.

They said: "We recommend that the item moaning be removed from the measure permanently."

Referencing a 2010 study, they concluded that moaning was "under women's conscious control."

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