Women share the worst ways men reacted after they rejected them
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Another day, another story where a man gets dangerous after a woman rejects him.

The mother of a student killed in the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, said that the shooter was rejected by a female student who he had harassed for months.

This prompted Elizabeth May, author of fantasy trilogy The Falconer, to tweet yesterday asking women to share frightening responses from men after turning them down.


Elizabeth was prompted to tweet after a man told her (obviously) that she was wrong to say women are afraid of rejecting men.

It went viral, with many women grateful for a space to share these stories and to support each other.

Some women revealed how they had been verbally and physically abused, while others have had to call the police.

Several told of how they had been cat-called and harassed by men, and a theme developed showing how men often mistook friendliness for romantic interest.

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