Woman with world's longest legs speaks out after being targetted by trolls

Woman with world's longest legs speaks out after being targetted by trolls
Jam Press/@maci.currin

A woman who holds the world record for having the longest legs says trolls often compare her to horror character Slenderman – but she loves being unique.

Maci Currin has held the record for four years, with her statuesque legs measuring 53.3 and 52.8 inches respectively – making them the longest on any female in the world.

The 21-year-old, who stands tall at 6ft 10ins, has gone viral on TikTok after sharing clips of herself demonstrating her incredible height.

“I get a lot of mixed reactions, but that’s to be expected,” Maci, from Austin, Texas, US, told What's The Jam.

“If someone is going to hate, they hate because they don’t understand. [I am also] called horror movie characters, like Slenderman.

“I’ve always been taller than everyone since pre-school. I’ve always been a head above everyone.

“There was this one instance where I was playing on the playground – I think I was in second grade – and someone asked me if I was a middle schooler because of how tall I was.

“At the time I hated my height because it was the one thing kids could target me for. [But] the best perk would have to be that no one is like me.

“I am unique. People will often be like ‘you are so beautiful, do you model?’. As a 6’10 female, my job is to empower other tall women.”

Jam Press/@maci.currin

But there are downsides to her height, too.

Maci said: “Having to duck under every doorway makes me want to grab a hammer and smash them all down!”

The young woman also struggles with dating, sharing a video of her recounting how men say they don’t like kissing her in public because of the height difference.

She added: “I currently have no interest in dating, but all the times I’ve dated – especially with men that are shorter than me by a significant amount – has just felt off.

“Like they were almost embarrassed of me.”

The TikTokker’s comments section is filled with mixed responses from viewers – from people comparing her to the Slenderman character, to people asking if she is even ‘real’.

The fictional Slenderman character is depicted as a thin, unnaturally tall humanoid with a featureless white head and face, and was featured in a 2018 movie of the same name.

In one video of Maci, a viewer said: “That would be scary to see in a dark hallway.”

In others, users compared her to the ‘Other Mother’ character in the Coraline movie.

Jam Press/@maci.currin

Other fans insist she should be a model thanks to her height, and ask how she finds clothes that fit her – something that is a particular struggle for Maci.

She said: “Finding clothes is hard. I shop at American Tall mostly, although they don’t have any long pants that fit me – I have to get them custom-made which costs around $250 for one pair of jeans. I’m not made of money [so] I only have two pairs of jeans that fit me right.”

Despite her fame due to holding the world record, Maci says she isn’t worried about retaining the title.

She added: “I have had the world record for female longest legs for about four years now. Having that title doesn’t have a meaning to me anymore.

“It’s more of a thing of the past. If anyone wants to take the title from me I’d be more than happy.”

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