Which now-closed high street store would you bring back? Twitter knows the answer

Which now-closed high street store would you bring back? Twitter knows the answer

The UK bid farewell to Debenhams over the weekend, as Britons shared fond memories of the one-time high street giant.

The historic department store closed all remaining sites on Saturday after the coronavirus pandemic precipitated the company’s collapse.

It had suffered slumping sales in recent years as customers continued the transition to online retail.

But Debenhams is by no means the only once beloved shop to have disappeared from our towns and cities over the years.

On Saturday, one man asked fellow Twitter users which now defunct high street icon they would bring back out of Kwik Save, C&A, Woolworths and Blockbuster.

The verdict was almost unanimous, as the following tweets show:

So did anyone pick one of the other options?

Well, some people acknowledged their charms at least:

But just none were quite as irreplaceable as Woolies, apparently:

For those who don’t remember what became of Woolworths, or who never experienced the joy of it’s pic n’ mix section, here’s a quick history.

The chain had more than 800 stores across the UK prior to its closure in 2009.

It sold many goods, including its own Ladybird children’s clothing range, “WorthIt!” value items and Chad Valley toys.

In November 2008 it entered administration and, over the following months, Deloitte close all of its 807 stores.

Woolies disappeared from UK high streets more than a decade agoGetty Images

Still, social media is a powerful thing, so maybe Sunday’s Twitter trend will mark the start of a comeback…

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