Wordle too easy? Try Quordle, where you solve four puzzles at once

Wordle too easy? Try Quordle, where you solve four puzzles at once
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If you’re a Wordle fanatic seeking a new challenge, there is a new spin-off of the viral brainteaser that could be just your cup of tea.

Introducing Quordle - a new game in which you have to solve four five-letter words simultaneously.

Much like Wordle, a letter in the correct place will turn green. A correct letter in the wrong place will turn yellow, and a letter that is not in any of the words will remain grey.

Players have nine chances to guess the correct words, but beware - it’s tricky!

Creator Freddie Meyer said the game was inspired by Dordle, a more difficult version of Wordle where you have to guess two words.

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Created in “a moment of evil and genius”, David Mah put together the first prototype of the difficult brainteaser before they worked together to refine the “monstrous creation”.

Although it was initially only played by a few dozen gamers in Ohio, Quordle quickly exploded in popularity after it was written about in The Guardian.

Now, 300,000 people play the game daily, and over 850,000 have tried it out.

Going by the reception the puzzle has been met with on Twitter, it seems to be hitting all the right notes with puzzle enthusiasts.

If you’re more of a cartographer than a wordsmith, you might enjoy the two new Wordle-inspired geography games.

Or if you find rude words are typically the first that spring to mind, try the NSFW version of Wordle.

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