There’s now a NSFW version of Wordle

Text reads: ‘Sweardle, the four letter word game (the original and still the OK-est)’. There is then a 4x6 grid of squares, like the Wordle game.
Stuart Houghton/

If you’re reaching the point where a daily flood of yellow, green and black squares are becoming rather irritable, then a NSFW version of the popular word guessing game Wordle – known as Sweardle – may be up your street.

While there are similarities to the original challenge set up by New York Times puzzle fan Josh Wardle (the pun is definitely intended), there are a few changes – the main one being that every secret word a user needs to guess is a swear word.

Cheery stuff.

Freelance writer Stuart Houghton unveiled the sweary version on Twitter earlier this month, writing: “*sigh* If you want something doing you have to do it yourself…”

He later went on to add: “Wordle is great but if, like me, you are incredibly immature, you might prefer which is *also* an act of love.

“The love of profanity.”

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Previous words in the game include ‘turd’, ‘poop’, ‘crap’ and ‘fart’, to give you an idea.

And once a word has been guessed correctly, we are told: “I’m sure your mother will be very proud.”

As well as the original another sweary site with the same premise can be found at

Now that a fair amount of people have stumbled upon the naughtier take on the word game, people have taken to Twitter to express their delight at the cheeky puzzle – and how easier it is to guess four-letter curse words than ‘clean’ five-letter words:

It’s not the only Wordle parody to surface in recent weeks, as you can also have a go at Absurdle, where the game is “actively trying to avoid giving you the answer” and may end up “changing the secret word if need be”.

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