Wheel of Fortune contestant's guess branded 'worst in show's history'

Wheel of Fortune contestant's guess branded 'worst in show's history'
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Everyone has bad days – but most of the time, they’re not filmed for TV with the whole world watching.

A Wheel of Fortune contestant has been ridiculed online after one of their guesses was branded the 'worst in show's history'.

Worst of all? It cost them a whopping £7,450 ($10,000).

Contestant Tenaya was doing well on the show before things went really, really badly for her.

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Taking on the “showbiz” category, she had most of the letters and was left with a clue which most people would have guessed pretty quickly.

The clue read: “_urassic Park _o_ies.”

While she got the first part of the teaser, it was the final word that stumped Tenaya. When asked by host Pat Sajak, she guessed: “Jurassic Park Bodies?”

The correct answer was, of course, Jurassic Park Movies – and viewers couldn’t believe she didn’t get the clue relating to Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film and its sequels.

Fans couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing.

Another said: “WOF - Jurassic Park Bodies! You’ve got to be kidding me!!!!”

We’ll be honest, as far as bad answers go, this is going to be pretty hard to beat.

To add insult to injury, the Jurassic Park account also posted about the answer, sharing the moment on Twitter and a reference to the famous “hold on to your butts” line from Samuel L Jackon – adding the caption “Ho__ on__ y_ur b___s."

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