This man met his Xbox BFF for the first time in real life, by inviting him to be his groomsman


This wedding day was doubly special, and proof that true love is out there in buckets.

According to BuzzFeed News, Charles Powell met his Xbox Live best friend for the first time in real life on Saturday.

Powell reportedly met Joe Walters, William Brown, and Joey Morris on Xbox Live aged 15, and the foursome became firm friends without ever meeting.

The bonding of such a 'unit', who share their victories and wallow together in defeats, is well known to anyone who has stepped into XBox Live.

Now aged 28, Powell got married and he had friend Morris there as his groomsman, with Walters and Brown also in attendance.

Although the group had discussed meeting up previously, it wasn't until the wedding, that it finally happened.

He told BuzzFeed News he first met Walters within the game 'Phantasy Star Online'.

We just happened to walk by each other [within the game] and I asked him for an item

It was from this interaction that Powell was introduced to Morris and Brown.

I would come home from school and they would be online and I would be online...We just liked the same things.

Powell tweeted a photo of himself and Morris.

On the topic of inviting his Xbox Live friends to his wedding, Powell said;

Every part of my life they were there...It was like we were already family.


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