You probably need to dump your boyfriend to get better sleep

If you want a good night's sleep - you might need to dump your significant other.

New research, published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal, has found that those who have a partner who cares for and understands them have a better night's sleep than those who don't.

The lead author of the research, Dr Emre Selçuk said:

Our findings show that individuals with responsive partners experience lower anxiety and arousal, which in turn improves their sleep quality.

Sleep keeps us healthy and to sleep well - high-quality, uninterrupted sleep - you must feel safe and secure. According to Selçuk this means having someone who "would be available to protect and comfort us should things go wrong".

The research used data from Midlife Development in the United States project and looked at connections between partner responsiveness, physical health and psychological well-being over several years.

So if bae doesn't get you - maybe it's time to move on. You're sleep, health and general well-being will apparently thank you later.

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