YouGov ranked the best and worst accents in the British Isles and it’s sparked a row

YouGov reshared a 2014 poll on the best and worst accents in the British Isles and it’s sparked debate.

Responding to a tweet asking what the worst accent is, YouGov shared a poll that found the Birmingham accent to be the least attractive, and the “Southern Irish” accent to be the most appealing.

The Scouse, Mancunian, Cockney, and Glaswegian accents ranked low on the list, while received pronunciation, Welsh, Yorkshire, West Country, and Geordie accents placed highly.

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The poll sparked debate from people who called out the term “Southern Irish” and objected to Ireland falling under the umbrella of “the British Isles”.

Responding to the poll, John Ruddy created a video showcasing the diversity of accents across Ireland, highlighting that even within Dublin a variety of dialects can be heard:

Similar criticism was levelled at the Welsh category too given its range of accents:

Some questioned where the rest of the Scottish accents are:

Others were surprised by the results, and some were confused by how areas with different accents were placed under the same umbrella:

One Twitter user had a lighter take on the poll, asking: “Which one is Henry Cavill? I could listen to him read the dictionary.”

Honestly, so could we.

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