This girl spied on her boyfriend with a sexy personal trainer - now she wishes she hadn't

YouTube / To Catch a Cheater

A YouTube channel specialising in 'honey traps' just left one woman very disappointed by revealing just how easily her boyfriend can be tempted by another women.

"To Catch A Cheater" went to a gym in Mexico City, where they planted “Andrea” to flirt with the girl in question's boyfriend.

Andrea starts helping him to lift weights, and soon starts slapping his bum. She then asks if there are any good bars around the gym and if he’ll take her to one, which he replies, “Yeah, some day”.

They then get in some very compromising positions and she make some very compromising sounds...

She asks him if he has a girlfriend and he replies:

I’m dating some chicks.

His girlfriend watches the footage in horror as he gives her his number. He repeats that he doesn’t have a girlfriend – and they arrange a date.

He offers to cook for her at his apartment.

“This is so disgusting,” the girlfriend said after watching the tape.

But it doesn't stop there!

She then calls her boyfriend and asks him about it. He denies that he met anyone at the gym, then concedes he had a male personal trainer.

The rest features language that we certainly can't write in any civilised setting...

Here's the full video:

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