YouTuber under fire for buying homeless man food and eating it in front of him

YouTuber under fire for buying homeless man food and eating it in front of him
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With TikTok dominating the social media sphere, people will do anything to go viral – even if that means doing outrageously tasteless "gestures" for views.

One YouTuber, who goes by the name Whatsuptre, has recently sparked backlash for doing exactly that.

In a since-deleted clip posted to his channel, content creator Trevon Sellers approaches a homeless man asking whether he is hungry before offering to buy him a meal from the US food chain Wendy's.

He returns with a Combo meal for the man, saying: "I got you a Sprite, large fries and two Baconators." He explained how he was homeless himself, so he was "going to make sure you get on the right path."

Instead of handing over the bag as promised, he wolfs it down in front of him.

"This is really good," he says after eating the food. "Alright, take care, have a nice day."

While Trevon reportedly stated the video was entirely staged and the man was, in fact, his "friend", social media already chimed in with their take calling it "vile".

"No matter how you justify this, unless that guy says otherwise, you look guilty," one critic said.

Another added: "Hmm, seems like people will do anything and everything for a little fame. Looks like all morals and dignity get thrown out of the window."

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The Daily Mail claimed the YouTuber updated his caption to read: "I asked him before hand if we could make this video and he agreed to be in it. I gave him some money and food before we even started recording."

In another post, he allegedly wrote: "I have the entire world mad at me over an edited video" and included the meaning of the phrase 'rage bait'.

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