10 best bath and body products to help you de-stress

10 best bath and body products to help you de-stress
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With short, dim days and shivering temperatures seizing up your muscles at any given moment, one of the greatest pleasures we can indulge in right now is a hot bath or shower. The combination of heat and stream relaxes muscles and can help clear sinuses, and according to research, it can even help reduce inflammation and control blood sugar in a similar way to exercise (not that you’re off the hook on that one, though). 

A simple way to heighten the experience is through a bit of old fashioned aromatherapy. From strong, coffee-based scrubs to gently melting bath salts, we’ve collected a menagerie of delectable bath time treats that will lull you into a stress-free state whenever you need it. Keep reading to discover our favorite bath and body products to help you stay calm this winter. 

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“The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak

Pharmaceutical-grade epsom salts, pink Himalayan salt, chia seed oil, and valerian root are just a few of the sumptuous ingredients you’ll find in this top-tier soaking formula. Created specifically to target stress held in the neck and shoulders, you’ll get three cups of product for three full relaxing baths inside. Try meditating while submerged for the ultimate relaxing bath time experience.

Goop Beauty

Cafeomancy Scrub

Yes, you read that correctly: There is a recipe that combines the scent of cashmere with vanilla and coffee into one caffeinated scrub that will leave you feeling and smelling divinely soft and luscious. Dry skin will appreciate the natural oils used within, while flakes are whisked away by the gritty organic coffee inside. Just try not to lick it off, as we’re not sure it tastes as good as it smells. 

Witch Baby Soap

The After Show Body Cleanser

You can read our full profile of Jordan Samuel Skin’s amazing line that urges users to “choreograph your own skincare” here, but let us once more rave about this fascinating gel-to-oil body wash that glides on smoothly before transforming into a luxurious emollient that leaves a clean, faint scent behind when rinsed. 

Use it on dry skin or rub together in your wet hands once in the shower, and massage into anywhere you want to cleanse and moisturize. We’re experimenting with it as a shaving gel as well, and so far, the results are impeccable. 

Jordan Samuel

Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Men need stimulating, relaxing products, too, and Uncommon Goods has formulated these no-nonsense shower steamers for just that. Containing a lovely concoction of spearmint, lemon, and orange, you simply get these wet in the shower then leave them to melt in the tub as the lively scents wake you up each morning. The best part is you can reuse each steamer more than once by simply removing it from the water stream, therefore ensuring you get more bang for your buck.

Uncommon Goods

maude® Bath Soak

Maude is a modern sexual wellness brand that focuses on simplicity and inclusivity in its mission. This specific formula contains coconut milk powder and hand-harvested Dead Sea salts in order to scrub, exfoliate, and soften the skin, leaving you feeling clean and gorgeous, not to mention ready for the bedroom. Vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, sulfur, and zinc stimulate circulation so you can count on your blood pumping freely after a nice soak in this delicious formula.


Ouai Chill Pills Bath Bombs

Scented with a light and luscious jasmine/rose combo, these bath bombs contain a multitude of natural oils that will soften your bathwater and skin while relaxing overwhelmed senses. The pharmaceutical shape hints at the multitude of benefits inside, and the fizzy noise they make as they hit the water and dissolve is pure ASMR.


Castle in the Clouds Bubble Bar

In addition to being ridiculously cute, this Lush bubble bar provides a sweet berry-scented foam that dances atop your bath water as you crumble it beneath the faucet and calamine powder is soothing for your skin.


Chanel N°5 The Shower Gel, 6.5-oz.

When it comes to classic fragrances, you won’t find one more recognized and beloved than Chanel No. 5. This shower gel lets you indulge that intoxicating scent as you cleanse head to toe, creating a rich, moisturizing lather that shrouds you in the flowery aroma. Combine with a coordinating lotion and dab of the perfume itself for the full experience. 


Gourmand Hair + Body Mist

Summer is still far away, but there’s no reason you can’t relive your favorite beach memory post-shower with a spritz or three of this delicious Lait De Coco hair and body mist from Gourmand, an Urban Outfitters exclusive. The creamy consistency and gentle, never overpowering scent is perfect for those who like to keep it simple on the perfume front. Pina Colada haters will appreciate the three other variations are available as well, including fun blends like Macaron Rose and Ocean.


Sangre De Fruta Botanical Bath Salts

We’ve already waxed poetic on our love for Sangre De Fruta, and we will continue to do so until converts across the world hear the praise. If you want a starter product that offers up a variety of the maker’s sensual scent choices for less than $20 USD a pop, we highly suggest trying out these amazing bath salts. Head Of Roses embodies the brand’s beginnings well, but don’t sleep on the Garden Of Earthly Delights and Neroli Noir options that evoke a darker, more intimate mood for your soak. 

Sangre De Fruta
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