10 fun sex toys for couples to shake up your next date night

10 fun sex toys for couples to shake up your next date night
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We’ve shown you our favorite places to shop for new sex toys, and we’ve even told you where to find nice new lingerie that might inspire you to use it. Now we want to show you some of our favorite options for investing in your sex life with your partner(s) that are fun, indulgent, and most of all, inspire you take take your pleasure up a notch.

Keep reading to see which toys for couples are catching our fancy, and naturally, you can trust our independent reviews. We may earn a commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing, expert advice and our own research. This revenue helps to fund journalism acrossThe Independent.

Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Finger Vibrator

Easy to use alone or during intercourse, this finger vibrator makes clitoral stimulation a cinch so folks who can’t climax from penetration alone get a leg up on the finish line. It comes with three speeds and 17 patterns, and beginners who are intimidated by a larger wand may find it less intimidating.


Tiana 24K

While you can certainly get away with spending much less, this is the toy to buy when you want a truly luxurious encounter.

The vibe is worn internally by the receiving partner during intercourse and is remote-controlled, plus it has a gorgeous ring of 24k gold laser-engraved with a unique serial number so you can feel spoiled in every way.


The Hands-Free

If the Tiana above seems a bit intimidating for penetrative sex, you may enjoy the Eva vibrator that sits outside the body more comfortable. When you buy it from Dame with their “stylish sex wedge” the Pillo, you’ll save more than $30 and have two new toys to explore. Click through to see all the fun positions (cartoon, making it somewhat SFW) suggested by its makers!


Icicles No. 38 Hand Blown Glass Whip

For couple looking to integrate more impact play into their routine, this flogger features whisper-soft leather that lets the handler control the speed and heat with which they whip, and the hand-blown glass handled is weighted to nestle snugly in the hand. This whip sells itself on beauty and feeling alone, but it’s also easy to clean and store.

Pink Cherry

Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing

Adam & Eve tout this best-selling product by letting you know that more than 40,000 units have been sold through their website alone, and it’s easy to see why! Quick, painless setup, strong construction (holds up to 220 pounds), and it adjusts to the perfect height no matter the difference between you and your partner. For under $50, you simply can’t find a better swing.

Adam & Eve

Phreak Wand Toppers

A wand is one of the most popular and one of the most versatile sex toys couples can buy (more on that below), and these toppers are the perfect addition to your arsenal when considering how to switch it up.

Phreak is also a fantastically inclusive company that prides itself on fully customizable pieces that can have various sizes, shapes, and colors, even letting you choose to express yourself through selecting a color scheme like that of the LGBTQIA+ flag that might represent your gender or sexual orientation.

Click through to read more about these specific toys, and browse the rest of the site for unique and fun sexual enhancers that are created with the discerning aesthete in mind.


Doxy Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator

Speaking of wands, this might be our holy grail option.

Doxy wands are incredible reliable and powerful, and this die cast version is an opulent purchased that will last years to come in your toy box. Three LED-lit buttons make it easy to operate in the dark, and eight speeds of constant vibration plus a multi-speed escalating pulsation mode provide plenty of options to give you the sensations you need. The metal hand stays cool, too, so Doxy suggests trying it out for temperature play.


Pegasus Curved Wave Harness Set

Regardless of your sexual dynamic, this strap-on is likely to be a nice size, shape, and material to please the receiving partner while maintaining comfort and user-friendliness for the wearer. The harness can be adjusted up to 67 inches while the six inch dildo vibrates in 15 patterns and six intensity levels, all operable via remote control.


Maude Burn no. 0 Massage Candle

Candles are a great way to set the mood, as are massages. Swap out that old Spencer’s Gifts massage oil candle you’ve been meaning to use since college and invest in a high-quality, skin-softening candle-to-oil product like this one from sexual wellness experts Maude.

It’s also cruelty free, fragrance free, and paraben free, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or senses.

RELATED: We also recommend another Maude product in this piece where we focus on treating yourself to some relaxing bath and body products.


Magic of Us A Sex Journal for Couples

One of the best ways to organize your thoughts, practices, and goals is to keep them written in a journal. Apply that concept to a couple’s shared sex journal and you may find yourself noticing patterns, discovering new fantasies, and keeping better track of how often you’re getting down, all bundled in this lavish, gold-embossed bedside book.

Magic of Us
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