12 best water pitchers to hold your favorite beverages this summer

12 best water pitchers to hold your favorite beverages this summer
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It’s officially summer and even some of the northern parts of the country are starting to hit high temps already, meaning we need cool, refreshing water, and we need it now! Whether you plan to pick up a good filtration pitcher that will remove excess chemicals and tastes, or you’re just looking to keep some good old fashioned ice water cool on your summertime table, we’ve got you covered.

Below you’ll find a jug for everyone: of course we’ve included a couple of Brita items, but we also looked at competitor brands with newcomer names looking to challenge the company’s reputation. We threw in some stunners from design icons like Williams Sonoma and Fiesta that will keep your water or Sangria cold in style. For good measure, there’s even a portable option tossed in, as you never know where your adventures in the sun could lead. Keep scrolling to see which of the following options fits your own individual needs, and keep hydrated from now through the fall and beyond.

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Brita 10-Cup Grand Pitcher

From the first name you think of when it comes to water pitchers, the Brita 10-Cup Grand Pitcher is a best seller for a reason: it reduces chlorine taste and odor, filters out copper, mercury, and cadmium, and comes with a 90-day warranty in case you aren’t satisfied with its performance.

Over a thousand reviews on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website average 4.5 out of 5 stars. Plenty of buyers comment on the Brita-filtered water’s great taste and the large pitcher size, but some do warn of the learning curve with the wide-mouth pour spout, so make sure to tip slowly your first few times to get the hang of it.


Water Filter Pitcher - 64oz

With an interesting design, multiple color options available, and 64 ounces of fresh, clean water in just one minute, there’s no reason not to invest in one of these cool Hydros pitchers. It reduces over 90% of chlorine and 99% of sediment, is made 100% coconut shell carbon (yay for the environment!), and you only need to replace the filter every 40 gallons.


Pur Basic 7 Cup Pticher

Up next is another among classic filtered pitchers that are simple to use and provide the best-tasting, cleanest drinking experience possible. The Pur Basic 7-Cup pitcher is fairly self-explanatory by name, but the $14.49 price tag is a huge plus for those looking for something of decent, well-reviewed quality that rids your agua of impurities picked up through rusty old pipes and fits compactly into the fridge for chilled, fresh water on demand any time.

“It’s pur-fect for what I needed...filtered water for myself and my cats,” one jokester muses in the review section. “Easy set up and just the right size. There is a sticker to remind me when to change the filter!”


PUR Classic 30-Cup Water Dispenser

Since Pur is a common name in the water pitcher game, it’s only natural we follow up the smaller unit above with a more family-friendly item from the maker. With a 30-cup capacity and convenient pour spout, you can keep clean, cool water on tap tucked neatly on a shelf in the fridge or on a countertop, and you don’t even have to wait for it to finish filtering to enjoy the water as it spills through.

This one’s especially great for growing kids who are savvy enough to use the spout but aren’t quite strong or tall enough to lift a larger-capacity pitcher.


Brita Premium 26oz Filtering Water Bottle

While not a pitcher in the traditional sense, on-the-go sippers will appreciate the immediacy of this particular product as it filters water wherever you are for a thirst-quenching experience free of the unexpected impurities you may encounter in a public setting.

The Brita Premium 26oz bottle holds a hefty amount and travels easily thanks to a clever handle that lets you tote it around or stick in a bag, and each filter can prevent you from running through 300 single-use water bottles. Another bonus? It comes in an attractive “seaglass” color that will calm your senses while you sip.


Dailyware 90 oz. Glass Cantina Pitcher

Sometimes function takes a backseat to beauty. The Dailyware 90oz. Glass Cantina Pitcher is a prime example with its chic, classic appearance with a delicately curved spout and gently sloping sides; it looks stunning on any summery table setup. Filtration, however, is not an option here as this pitcher is simply for holding and serving beverages, but the majority of its reviews claim it does that quite well considering its very affordable price.

“I bought this for a Spanish evening for Sangria; it was perfect!” raves one user, while another raves of its easy-to-use build despite being a large, sturdy pitcher: “Holds plenty of liquid but is easy to manage when pouring,” they write, noting the model is, “easier to clean than the belly pitcher. I would buy another.”


Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Combining the functionality of the Brita with the attractive look of the Dailyware, this Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher does exactly what its name suggests: a fairly standard-issue water pitcher holds an insert into which you can drop berries, citrus, mint, cucumbers, or any other bit of produce you want for a spa-like experience of infused fruity or herbaceous water.

Several reviewers noted that the added burst of flavor motivates them to drink more water as well, so it's a great option for folks looking to stay hydrated, especially during these sweaty months.

"My whole family loves this pitcher," one 5-star buyer writes in about their experience. "We all drink lemon water each evening and this pitcher works great. I can run it through the dishwasher or hand wash."


pH RESTORE Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher

This next one is a doozy, as it contains a filter capable of cleansing a staggering 1500 cups of water before it needs replacing, which is equal to 720 bottles of water that would otherwise cost you nearly a thousand dollars to purchase at retail cost. The modern shape and bamboo lid also add a sophisticated edge, making this slightly more costly option a still-safe bet if you’re looking for long-lasting filtration, attractiveness, and a simple-to-use product.


Hammered-Copper Pitcher

Whether its water you’re pouring or a bountiful batch of Moscow Mules for a party, Williams Sonoma displays the class and style for which they’re best known with this Hammered-Copper pitcher that looks fantastic in any setting from a stylish downtown loft apartment to the rustic setting of a countryside picnic table. With a nearly three-quart capacity and sturdy metal construction, this option is a fantastically long-lasting beauty that more clumsy users will find easy to handle and difficult to break. A nickel-plated interior makes it food-safe, and those looking for aesthetic cohesion can search the Williams Sonoma website for matching table accessories to spread the coppery guild from the first pour through the last bite.

Williams Sonoma

Fiesta Large Disk Pitcher

Fiesta dinnerware is an iconic cult classic line that consistently churns out new colors, patterns, and pieces to keep avid collectors come back time and time again for more. Their classic Large Disc Pitcher is a staple in any new or growing Fiesta collection (shown here in a stunning sugar skull and floral special edition) and the sturdy, lead-free china used to create it is something that can be passed down for generations to come.

Many buyers like to pick up extras to display while rotating others for actual use depending on season and their mood. As one proud owner writes in a review:

“I bought several for my cabin–bright colors for a tall space above the cabinets in a vaulted room... This last year or so I realized that our tea gets colder and stays colder in these pitchers in the fridge! That is a huge plus in the South! Now I keep two pitchers most all the time in my fridge at home and the cabin. Love to use these and LOVE to look at the beauty of this deco piece on a daily basis!”


Goodcook 1/2 Gallon Plastic Straining Pitcher Square Lid with 3 Strainers and Close No Spill, Dishwasher Safe, Clear and Red

If you want something cheap, simple, and functioning, you can’t go wrong with this under-$5, dishwasher safe option from Goodcook. It may not be the most elegant option here, but it will hold your favorite fruity summer beverages just fine.


West Elm Flow Pitcher - Gold

For a stylish centerpiece to your summertime table, grab yourself one of these sleek, gorgeous pitchers from West Elm. They come in gold, pictured here, and a lovely smoke color as well, so you can complement any table setup with sophistication and smart design, and they come in sets of two!

West Elm
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