How to have the perfect cozy autumn evening at home

How to have the perfect cozy autumn evening at home
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It’s officially September which means the season is slowly beginning its descent into fall, and now’s a better time than ever to stock up on the essentials you’ll need to enjoy a relaxing evening indoors.

We’ve rounded up the essentials you need to do so, from gorgeously cozy pajamas to the perfect piping cup of tea. Keep reading to get inspired for your next date night at home with your family or all by yourself.

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Billion Dollar Art Gallery

Going to a museum is the perfect way to spend a day whether you’re alone, with a friend or partner, or with the whole family. The catch is those museums are often miles, states, or oceans away, making a quick trip nearly impossible for many.

Instead, you can bring those invaluable works of art right to your TV screen with Billion Dollar Art Gallery. 500 of the most beautiful paintings in history are contained on this simple USB, including the ability to control how long each is displayed so you can appreciate appropriately. It’s perfect for throwing on to browse while you’re busy playing board games or whipping up snacks for the fam.

A free book via Kindle Unlimited is also available as a guide to teach you about each work and its creator. Find that here in digital and paperback format.


Malicious Women Candle Co. - Chaos Witch Eclectically Embracing All The Things Candle

Every relaxing evening at home can benefit from the ambient light of a few nice-smelling candles, and Malicious Women Candle Co. does them right.

Especially great for a gals night in, these candles focus on amazing scents and hilarious names that you’ll love reading out to one another like “Chaos Witch Eclectically Embracing All The Things” or a personal favorite of ours, “My Favorite Season Is The Fall Of The Patriarchy.” Each features a sophisticated scent profile with eclectic ingredients like wildflowers, living green moss, and black tea.

In addition to smelling great and cracking up anyone who sees the labels, Malcious Women Candle Co. has an inspiring story of creation borne of loss, one you can read here. We highly suggest doing so.

Malicious Women Candle Co.


A soft blanket feautring gorgeous imagery is quintessential for a night at home. Try this Society 6 throw featuring gorgeous fall florals on one side and sherpa fleece on the other to stay warm and have something lovely to look at while you do so.


Little GF Chefs Unicorn Donuts Baking Kit

You simply cannot have a cozy evening in without some sort of sweet treats for noshing, so why not indulge in a pre-assembled box that’s perfect for little ones who have food allergies with this gluten free unicorn donuts kit?

The galaxy icing and gold paint make them creatively engaging, while the absence of the nine top allergens that plague kids make them extremely versatile and ready for any company you may have over. Plus your family will love the togetherness you get from baking these goodies together!

Don’t just stick to donuts though–Little GF Chefs also have pizzas, pretzel bites, and even homemade pop tarts ready to be shipped to you for baking.

Little GF Chefs

Women's Wicked Good Moccasins

There simply is no “being cozy” without warm feet. That’s why we suggest investing in a beautiful pair of slippers or moccasins like these from LL Bean to give yourself toasty toes on even the chilliest evenings this autumn.

LL Bean

The Grimwood: A Slightly Strategic, Highly Chaotic Card Game

The cooling weather and chill in the night air can mean only one thing: Halloween is coming. Kick up the spooky factor of your stay-home night with a card game designed to keep you engaged as you fight for your life in a forest filled with supernatural creatures.

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Adventure On

Dracula (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions)

There’s nothing quite like tucking into a classic novel, especially one that echoes the darkness of night so magnificently as Dracula. This special edition from Barnes & Noble features a cover that’s downright bloody gorgeous so your eyes can feast as heartily as your imagination.

Bram Stoker

Women’s Flannel Long-Sleeve Pajamas

You’ve got the blankets and slippers, so round off the ultimate comfy trio by grabbing some brand new pajamas.

These from Uniqlo are made from soft, warm 100% cotton flannel with a roomy cut so help you move freely as you relax. Wear them for sleeping or lounging, and make sure to check out the kids’ and men’s options, too!



Now to bring things back to the spooky side...

Nothing encourages cuddling up quite like a scary movie. Whether it’s with your partner, your pet, or just a good blanket, horror fans will love the huge selection of creepy content available via one of our favorite streaming services, Shudder. Click through to try seven days for free, then you can choose from a selection of plans that start at just $4.75 per month.

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Stash Tea Bags Sampler Assortment Box

And for the finishing touch, have yourself an herbal nightcap before bedtime with one of these 52 sachets included when you order a Stash Tea sampler filled with flavors like Jasmine Blossom and Orange Spice.

Stash Tea

Hot Cocoa Mix

If tea isn’t quite hitting the spot, try hot cocoa to really warm your spirits. It costs less than $1 per serving and is made with raw cane sugar, and the reviews rave, many calling it the best they’ve ever tried.

Public Goods

Tee Public Vintage Halloween Mug

You can’t likely enjoy those hot beverages without a great spooky mug, can you? We’re partial to this vintage Halloween inspired one, but Tee Public has thousands of themes to choose from so click through and get to browsing.

Tee Public
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