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7 best beard trimmers to keep you fresh-faced all year long

7 best beard trimmers to keep you fresh-faced all year long
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So often, a reliable beard trimmer isn’t so much sought out as it is gifted or stumbled upon for cheap in a drugstore, only purchased when the previous iteration goes dead without warning. It’s high time to put in the extra effort into seeking a quality tool that will get the job done correctly without any excess irritation to the skin, one that comes with proper attachments for individual areas of concern, and something that arrives at a decent price point that won’t sacrifice form or function but holds a balanced value.

Among concerns voiced by those using them regularly, “skipping” individual strands of hair and cheap construction ranked high in the list of product complaints. After studying several reviews and reaching out to consumers and professionals alike, the following trimmers seem to avoid those common pitfalls and deliver the highest quality at-home cuts.

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Hatteker Beard Trimmer Kit

One of the top-rated trimmers on Amazon, the Hatteker is praised for qualities like its long-lasting charge with a digital display to tell you exactly how much battery life is left, the convenience of its organizational stand, and creating an even length across the area of hair. With 16 interchangeable pieces, that hair can be practically anywhere on the body as well–varied attachments help the trimmer tackle a hirsute chest just as easily as it swipes away overgrown nose hairs. The Hatteker is also waterproof, making it a breeze to clean in the sink once you've mown down your chosen area.


Wahl Professional 5 Star Detailer Trimmer 8081

Ask a hundred beard-bearers what brand they know and love when it comes to grooming, and a hefty chunk of them, if not the majority, will tell you the company to beat is Wahl. A holy grail product used by professional and personal users alike, the classic clippers are a boon to those who love to look their best every day. While a little more pricey than many of the competitors, the Wahl Professional 5 Star Detailer promises a faster, more detailed cut for the face or head that can produce immaculate results from the most basic mustache touch-ups to intricate "hair tattoo" designs. Another bonus: the sleek design still makes room to include some old school aesthetic flair with some well-placed stars and a vintage barber shop feel on the handle's color and font.


PhilipsNorelco - GoStyler Beard Trimmer

If bells and whistles are more trouble than their worth to you, the Gostyler Beard Trimmer is the simple answer you need. Of nearly 500 reviews on BestBuy alone, the top pros mentioned include "price," "ease of use," and the million-dollar cosign "gets the job done." This go-getter tallies up at just under $20 as well, making it the most affordable option on this list. The basic black plastic look of the trimmer certainly won't act as a conversation starter for visitors in your bathroom, but hopefully you're not hosting any tea parties in there anyway.


Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Another from shave giants Philips-Norelco, the OneBlade Hybrid is a smidge more modern than its cheaper cohort and promises to go easy on those with a more rash-prone visage. "I got this for Christmas and didn’t think much of it until I actually used it and I’m a huge fan," one new convert told us, "It’s the only beard trimmer I’ve ever used that hasn’t irritated my skin when I use it without the guard." Neon-green detailing gives the OneBlade a stylish edge, and the portable size makes it ideal for smaller hands and navigating more intimate nooks and crannies.


Pure Enrichment TRYM Lithium - Beard Trimmer and 11-Piece Grooming Kit

This one's for the aesthetes on a budget, with its sleek Kubrickian Monolith design and under-$30 price point. Mostly positive reviews abound, with buyers touting "true style...a sense of panache" and an "easy to grip and manipulate" shape as top reasons to snatch it up. The battery life is reportedly a bit shorter than some of the more classic and expensive options, so this model might be more fit for the casually coiffed with more orderly stubble that requires less rigorous maintenance. A five-year warranty and bevy of accessories sweeten the deal, though, with a stainless blade and four trim combs lending a decent array of length options to your routine.

Pure Enrichment

Wahl Lithium Ion Vacuum Trimmer Kit with Adjustable Vacuum Intake

A boon to those who hate making a mess, the Wahl Lithium Ion Vacuum Trimmer promises instant clean-up with the "strongest vacuum power available" in its self-contained system. Wahl's proven quality has already been stated in product descriptions above, but this mid-range kit contains plenty to play with via eight separate setting combs and a six-position adjustable guide at a reasonable price. The run-time is great, too, clocking in at a full 90 minutes versus many models' 60, so charging less often could be beneficial for the more forgetful or hurried user. The included bad makes it easy to stash under the sink as needed, too.


Remington All-In-One Grooming Kit, Trimmer, Clippers , Black, PG6024A

This Remington model beard trimmer is a best-seller at on Walmart’s website in no small part thanks to its incredible price point. For under $20, you’ll get an all in one kit including five blade sizes plus a nose and ear attachment and travel bag for keeping everything tidy and together. It’s also cordless, promising up to 60 minutes of use before you need to plug back in.

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