One of world’s best restaurants goes meat-free - here’s what’s on the menu
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Eleven Madison Park, the art-deco, three-star Michelinrestaurant restaurant with menus from Daniel Humm is coming back with a fresh new start.

The restaurant, often ranked among the world’s best and which will be reopening on June 10, is switching to an entirely plant-based menu.

“The pandemic brought our industry to its knees. With our closure, we laid off most of our team, and truly didn’t know if there was going to be an Eleven Madison Park,” wrote Humm in a letter on the restaurant’s website.

Humm mentioned that he and a small team worked alongside Rethink Food, a nonprofit that works with restaurants to provide meals for communities that need it while creating a remarkable industry standard for restaurants.

“We kept a small team employed, and with their remarkable effort, in collaboration with the nonprofit Rethink Food, we prepared close to a million meals for New Yorkers experiencing food insecurity,” he said.

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“Through this work, I experienced the magic of food in a whole new way, and I also saw a different side of our city – and today I love New York more than ever,” he continued.

He then stated that he and the team asked themselves this fundamental question when deciding to go plant-based: “What are the most delicious aspects of our dishes, and how could we achieve the same level of flavor and texture without meat?”

Naturally, this pondered in their minds as they want to be able to recreate some of their sought-after dishes such as the “lavender honey glazed duck, or the butter-poached lobster recipes.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, EMP will feature a boldly flavored beet dish, which happened to take 16-hours long the product of a 16-hour process as well as an amaranth-seed-and-sweet-pea course “served with a creamy fermented-almond cream and pea-miso purée and rice porridge with celtuce.

That sounds delicious!

What an exciting and healthy way to relaunch a restaurant while considering sustainability.

Read Daniel Humm’s full statement here.

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