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6 best blood pressure monitors to track your heart health

6 best blood pressure monitors to track your heart health
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More than 100 million Americans have high blood pressure according to a study reported by the American Heart Association in 2018. With that staggering statistic looming and heart disease holding strong as the #1 biggest killer out there, there's more than enough reason to invest in a monitoring device for your home.

While nothing can replace regular doctor visits and a heart-healthy habits, investing in one of these tools is a great step to take toward being more informed. Whether you want to do a casual check-in from time to time or your issues are require more diligent observation, you'll find what you need in the list below of top-rated heart monitors that can be delivered straight to your door.

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Choice Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Medically Accurate Upper Arm Cuff

This basic model monitor will promises fast and easy readings every time you use it, with up to 15 stored at a time to track progress over a couple of weeks. The cuff will fit most arms and inflates with gentle pressure, and there’s no need to buy extra batteries as four AAs are included in the cost!


VBOKE Blood Pressure Monitor

This monitor scores high across the board when it comes to easy-to-read, large displays and storage for up to 120 readings per user (up to two). The cuff works great for arms from 8.7” to 15.7” in circumference, and a backlit monitor means it's easy to use in the dark.


Omron 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff

This popular Omron monitor's big claim to fame is its accuracy. Measuring from more data points gets you a reading less affected by motion and breathing, and it can also alert you to an irregular heartbeat in order for you to pass that info on to your healthcare provider. The one-touch design is also highly convenient, taking the guesswork out of your readings each time you slip the device on your upper arm and press "start." Folks with arms up to 17" are covered.


Omron EVOLV Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - Black/white

This product is a bit of a splurge compared to the others, and here's why: It's automatic, you can program it, it will detect any irregular heart beats you experience, there's a related app that helps you track data, and there's a five-year manufacturer's warranty so your'e covered if anything goes amiss.

One user switched over from an older, hand-pump model to the EVOLV and says, "With this one, I always get a readout and no longer have to retake my BP. It's easy to use. It inflates on its own. And best of all, it transfers the results to my mobile phone Omron app."


Withings Withings BPM Connect - Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor - White/Gray

If the last model was a minor splurge, consider this the Rolex of the bunch. On top of completing all the same basic tasks as the other models, this Withings has features like, "BPM Connect [that] synchronizes seamlessly via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the free Health Mate app, where you can see all your data history and share it with your doctor." That means no second-guessing or confusion between you and the physician when you go in next for a check-up. The numbers won't lie, and you'll get an accurate, real look at your health from the inside out.

Most important with any of these models is clearly accuracy, which the Withings seems to possess the most. "I am tempted to say that BPM Connect is the first blood pressure medical device I really trust," one user says. "I took multiple readings in a row without changing my seating position, and the results came back with minor changes. I never had that before with other blood pressure taking devices."


iProven Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist - BPM-337

This convenient budget option offers the same perks as others in its price range with the added ease of only needing to be wrapped around the wrist for accurate readings and irregular heartbeat detection. Every time you measure, the machine will give you a reading that lets you know which category your numbers fall into via the up-to-date American Heart Association Indicator that helps you know the risks of your current health so you can work to improve it over time.

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