Elden Ring player manages to complete game using just his backside

Elden Ring player manages to complete game using just his backside
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What’s a clear sign that you’ve been spending too long playing video games? Is it staying up until 4am to finish just one more level? Is it dreaming about your latest save?

There are many ways that gaming can take over your life, but one man has taken his gaming addiction to new heights after completing Elden Ring using only his backside.

As gamers around the world will tell you, the highly anticipated video game was released back in February in collaboration with Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin.

The game allows users to explore areas of the 'Lands Between' to level up their skillset in order to unlock more areas to explore and actions to perform.

Soulsborne speedrunner Distortion2 has been squeezing everything out the game over recent times, and incredibly even managed to complete the whole thing in less than 10 minutes the other day.

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However, his most impressive achievement came when he beat the game’s big bosses using only his backside.

Not his own backside, of course, (although we’d be very intrigued to see someone give that a try), but his character’s backside.

A new video saw him use his character’s ground pound move and managed to complete the entire game only employing the ass-based attack.

Writing alongside the highlight clip he posted to YouTube, he said: “This run started off strong and slowly descended into despair.”

Can I Beat Elden Ring With ONLY My Butt?

Then, halfway through the video after beating a few baddies, he said: “Our butt is about to get a big, big upgrade.”

At that point, he was able to upgrade to the weapon skill Erdtree Slam, by getting the Great Waterfall Crest.

“Now this thing is beastly,” he added.

Thanks to the upgrade, he was able to compete the game using only the character’s posterior a while later.

It’s exactly the kind of ultimately pointless, but nevertheless impressive feat we like to see.

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