All the people who have 'accidentally' mispronounced Jeremy Hunt's name on live TV or radio

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Warning: This article, by its very nature, contains strong language - so if you aren't ready for c-bombs you probably shouldn't scroll further.

Jeremy Hunt is not having a good week.

He's been roundly criticised for imposing the new junior doctors' contract following two months of failed negotiations with the British Medical Association and industrial action.

As a result of becoming a figure of hate for the public, he's also been bestowed possibly-the-least-enviable-cockney-rhyming-slang-title-in-the-world, receiving the baton from James Blunt.

You can guess what it is.

The Health Secretary has been linked to the c-word before, mostly due to mispronunciations of his last name in the media.

A selection of these have been helpfully compiled by Sam Delaney's News Thing - some of which seem a little too laboured to be genuine errors of diction.

Let's take it on face value, though, people make momentary mistakes. Glorious mistakes.

Watch the full video, below:

Jeremy (H)unt Compilation

To mark the junior doctors strike, here's every time a newsreader has "accidentally" mispronounced Jeremy Cu...hunt. Jeremy Hunt

Posted by Sam Delaney's News Thing on Wednesday, 10 February 2016


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