Giraffe mum gives birth (before April)

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Picture: Facebook

There’s a giraffe called April and we’ve been live-streaming her as she prepares to give birth.


The latest information from Animal Adventure Park is that April has seen “belly changes,” but no news on when her calf is due though.

Not so for Erin Dietrich. She’s already given birth.

Remember her?

She’s the woman who livestreamed her impression of April.


She announced on Facebook this week that she gave birth to a son, Porter Lane, at 6:11pm Wednesday evening...

... In a giraffe mask.

No, seriously. The first thing her son saw was mummy wearing a giraffe mask.


This is Dietrich’s fourth child – much like April, and over 16,000 people congratulated her on Facebook.

Hurry up April. 

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