If you have one of these names, you're probably fit

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The denizens who run your gym know when you're sleeping and they know when you're awake... They're like a svelte Santa Claus.

Fitness First has compiled five years worth of data on its members to find the most active name.

These were the gym goers who visited the most, for the longest periods, and even on days most of us skip.

The 'winners' (read most obsessed) were people called Laura and James.

According to Fitness First, Lauras hit the gym 26 per cent more than their fellow woman, and Jameses 24 per cent more than rival men.

Lauras spent 2.5 hours on average per visit and were also more likely to work out on Christmas Eve.

The data was released in April 2016.

The losers

People named 'Carly' were the most likely to join a gym, and then leave, averaging three visits in four months before quitting.

Men named 'Larry' were found to be active during January and September, and then vanish for much of the rest of the year.

Naming and shaming

Donna Dawson, a psychologist told the Daily Express that names can influence our behaviour, more than we might expect.

Apart from family names handed down and fashionable naming trends, our parent's name-choice will most likely be influenced by the inspiring people living around them at that time.

While growing up, we in turn will be subtly influenced by famous individuals who share our name - and sports people in particular will encourage us to emulate the traits of self-discipline, persistence, endurance, enhanced motivation, forward planning and hard work.

We may even believe that our name is linked to special attributes such as 'stamina' and 'striving' - and the increased self-confidence that results from this belief will only push us further, whether in pursuing fitness, climbing the career ladder or creating good relationships.

The names of the most active


1. Laura

2. Victoria

3. Hannah

4. Rebecca

5. Jessica

6. Megan

7. Sarah

8. Heather

9. Ellie

10. Kate


1. James

2. Edward

3. Simon

4. Benjamin

5. Mohammed

6. Thomas

7. Christopher

8. John

9. Matthew

10. Andrew

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