13 of the greatest Obama and Biden bromance memes

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Joe Biden. Barack Obama.

The names, sitting beside each other like that evoke a sense of warmth, a wistful nostalgia.

And though their bromance will live on in meme form for eternity on the vast World Wide Web, Joe has revealed that he does, in fact have a favourite.

Ashley Biden told Moneyish that when she showed Joe the memes, he...

... Sat there for an hour and laughed.

Before we tell you which one is his fave, here’s a run-down of some of the best pretend-conversations (we assume) between the former President and his BFF Vice President:

1. The one where Joe wanted to creep Mike Pence out:


2. Horcrux be-gone:


3. Joe being Joe:


4. And when Joe thinks he's Kevin McCallister:


5. Harambe: 


6. Joe's Mexican flag plan:


7. Expert level Trolling right here:


8. The birther conspiracy also made an appearance...


9. D'oh:


10. Annoyance is never far away from Joe...


11. And Joe's vindictive nature is the stuff of legends...



12. Petty... And we love it:


And finally...

13. Here’s Joe Biden’s favourite: 



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