‘This is your man?’ 50 Cent gets roasted by girlfriend as part of viral TikTok trend

‘This is your man?’ 50 Cent gets roasted  by girlfriend as part of viral TikTok trend
Photo courtesy of @_cuban_link/Instagram

Rapper, actor and television producer 50 Cent is known for his trolling moments. But now, he is the one being teased by his girlfriend. 

Jamira Haines, who goes by @_cuban_link_ on Instagram and 50 laugh and joke with each other often.

However, Haines took the jokes a step further by taking to herTikTok using a viral trend known as the “This Is Your Man?” challenge. 

Jamira Haines and Curtis “50 Cent” JacksonGetty Images

This trend came about over a clip posted to Tik Tok from reality television show The Steve Wilkos Show. Wilkos is talking to a woman who experienced domestic abuse and cheating from her boyfriend, wondering why she was still in a relationship with him.

“This your man.. look at the screen?” Wilkos asks the woman while pointing to a screen that shows her boyfriend backstage smiling.

With a solemn look on her face, she says, “that’s mine.” “And that’s what you’re going to settle for,” Wilkos continues.

“Imma stick beside him,” the woman responds.

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This audio essentially became a popular trend amongst couples who play around with each other.

Haines is now joining that roster.

“.. 😂😂😂😂 I’m out the house after this one !!#sorrybabyhadtodoit,” Haines wrote in the Instagram caption.

Jamira Haines poking fun at boyfriend Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson  in viral Tik Tok Trend.Photo courtesy of @_cuban_link/Instagram

Within Haines reaction, she could be seen mouthing the dialogue of The Steve Wilkos Show clip. She used a picture of 50 looking extremely thin and sickly from a decade ago when he was preparing for the 2011 film All Things Fall Apart as the background.

The film centers around a young man named Deon, a college senior and running back who ends up being diagnosed with cancer.

50 reportedly lost 50 pounds for his role in the film. When the photos emerged, there weren’t many explanations for his dramatic weight loss. He ended up being the butt of jokes as a result.

Despite this, people in the comments on Instagram and TikTok found Haines, version of the trend to be funny and a moment worthy enough for her to receive an engagement ring.

“50 needs to put a ring on ya finger for this one 😂😂😁,” a commenter wrote on Tik Tok.

Eventually, Fif caught wind of Haines clowning him and decided to repost the video to his Instagram feed.

👀This m****r f****r done lost her mind.😠I’m a throw her f*****g phone out on the highway. @_cuban_link #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi,” Fif wrote in his Instagram caption.

Check out Haine’s full video clip below.

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