7 of the best ways to get back to sleep

7 of the best ways to get back to sleep

We've all been there. Looking at the ceiling, listening to the clock tick past 4am, knowing how tired we're going to be at work tomorrow.

It's a vicious cycle, nutritionist and stress expert Charlotte Watts says. The more worried you are about getting enough sleep, the more you're setting yourself for a restless night.

Watts has shared her best tips on how to get a decent night's sleep on health blog Healthista - so the next time you're tossing and turning, try remembering her ways to nod back off again:

- Don't get up

You want to stay as unstimulated as possible to let your body drift back into sleep. If you do have to get up, use as little light as possible.

- Turn your alarm clock around

Psychologically, not looking at the time will make you feel better as you can't worry about the sleep you're missing.

- Enjoy the sensation of rest

Enjoy the fact that you're comfortable and getting physical rest. Worrying about what time you have to get up just stimulates your brain more.

- Remind yourself you’re safe

Let go of worries and anxiousness by practising mindfulness. Disassociate yourself from what haunts you - you're safe and warm in bed and those worries aren't happening right now.

- Fantasise

Let your right brain take over for a bit and your imagination run wild.

- Try listening to audiobooks or podcasts

Letting your brain can focus on something other than your own thoughts decreases anxiety.

- Try writing a diary

If your mind is racing try getting those thoughts down on paper.

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