A man proposed to his girlfriend in a national newspaper and people can't cope

A man proposed to his girlfriend in a national newspaper and people can't cope

Jamie Greig proposed to his girlfriend Katie Moore by way of the front of the Observer Magazine.

Being Valentine's Day, Sunday's feature was as romantic as can be. A big photograph of Jamie, in a rather fetching suit, presenting a beautiful ring to his other half.

And those timeless words preceding his partner's name...

"Will you marry me?"

The love story to accompany the stunt is quite something.

It tells the tale of a long-distance relationship – Jamie in London, Katie in New York (fairy tale thereof?) – that followed a chance request of a date from Jamie as he was visiting the US.

Katie accepted. After dinner, the two fell dramatically in love, thrust into a whirlwind of adoration and sentimentality, laughing for days at a time, crying on the plane home when it was time for Jamie to return to the UK.

It's a touching story. But, of course, some think it a little too puppy-eyed. The fight back against Valentine's Day, with all it's red roses and public displays of affection, has been somewhat enhanced by the front cover gesture.

Amid the hot story of love, are some rather hot takes...

There are some truly poignant moments in the piece. For example...

James grew up with his mum in rural west Wales. He was 'wedgied by the rugby team,' she giggles, and didn’t get on a plane until he was 18.

In Shropshire, Katie was more 'privileged': a big family, a big house, horses, boarding school. 'We’ve taught each other a lot.' From her: 'A certain confidence.' From him: 'Thoughtfulness, creativity, romance.'

It's an easy target for ridicule, this. We'll reserve judgement.

But we were drawn to the gift guide, which is undoubtedly the best bit.

It includes presents that reflect the shiniest moments of the couple's courting – from a palm tree made of 'carved emerald foliage and lacquered trunk' to represent a Mexican holiday, to some 'breasts' made of lacquer to pay tribute to Jamie and Katie's 'emoji sexting'. Something critical for long-distance relationships these days, it seems.

The jeweller, who came up with the eclectic mix of excitements, explains:

The breasts are there to remind the couple of their emoji sexting. I didn’t want to put a little willy there. But could a ring like this ever exist?

Who knows. But Katie said yes, by the way, if you fancy forking out.

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