Adam22 offers Andrew Tate the chance to film scene with Lena the Plug

Adam22 offers Andrew Tate the chance to film scene with Lena the Plug
Adin Ross/YouTube

YouTuber Adam22 has offered the outspoken influencer Andrew Tate the chance to sleep with his pornstar wife Lena the Plus, amid the controversy surrounding her scene with Jason Luv.

For those not in the know and to give a brief summary of what has happened, Adam22 and Lena got married earlier in May of this year and hadn't filmed a scene with another man since their relationship began seven years ago.

However, they agreed that Lena should film a scene with Luv after meeting him in Las Vegas back in January and spotting a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

Since the scene, a war of words has erupted between the two men, especially after Adam22 was mocked online for allowing Lena to go through with the filming.

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Recently the couple appeared on Adin Ross's podcast with none other than Andrew Tate, who was in a rarely reserved form and spoke respectively and politely to Adam22 and Lena.

An odd moment occurred around halfway through their 23-minute conversation where Adam22 offered Tate the chance to film a scene with him and Lena. We won't transcribe the entire details of the NSFW proposal but if you are interested and are over the age of 18 then you can watch it here.

Even before Tate had the chance to respond, Lena had turned down her husband's proposal which Tate always refused to entertain.

The former kickboxer, who is currently facing charges in Romania for human trafficking and rape said: "There is zero percent chance of that happening and it's not because Lena is unattractive. It's because she is married to Adam and I have no interest in degenerative, pointless sex.

"I've no interest in making a spectacle of myself. Even involving myself in things that I deem to be overall haram and pointless, is just something I wouldn't be interested in."

At least, this doesn't mean that Adam22 will have to fork out for another Lamborghini for his wife like he did after she made her film with Luv.

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