Adele fans are upset that tickets are reselling for 10-times the original price

Adele fans are upset that tickets are reselling for 10-times the original price

Fans of Adele who missed the opportunity to get tickets for her two shows in London’s Hyde Park in July 2022 are upset that tickets on resale websites are being sold for up to 10-times their face value.

Tickets for the shows already cost a pretty penny, with some exclusive tickets selling close to £600 ($819.86). However, some of these tickets appear to be £7,500 ($10,248.30) on other resale sites.

The actual ticket sale was completed almost instantly, with tickets disappearing moments after they went on sale.

So to see Adele at the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park next summer, the best bet right now is to check out the resale sites. Just be prepared to pay a lot more than you would have otherwise.

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Diamond tickets were available for £579 ($791.17) in the actual sale. But now, if you want to acquire one of those, you’ll have to pay £7,441 ($10,167.68) per ticket.

Those £90 general admission tickets are now being sold for £747 ($1,020.73).

Organizers have already indicated that anyone attempting to enter using a resold ticket from an unauthorised website will be turned away at the gates, but that hasn’t stopped a slew of people from trying or people from taking a chance.

Naturally, Adele fans are disappointed by the whole ordeal.

“Tickets all sold out even though at 10 am. I was 2,249 in the queue but then totally understandable when companies are buying up all the tickets and selling at these prices. Why are you letting this happen??” someone wrote.

“Gutted I missed out on @Adele tickets. Already on resale sites at a 500% mark up. This totally undermines the artists. They don’t want their live shows to be elitist. Someone like Adele wants her fans to hear her live. [It] looks like I’ll be listening on Alexa for the foreseeable,” another added.

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Adele is set to perform the British Summer Time gigs in Hyde Park on July 1 and July 2, 2022.

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