Adele has shared a snippet of her new song and fans are already loving it

As if fans weren’t hyped enough already at the impending drop of a new song from Adele, she’s only gone and shared a snippet of it.

The singer was chatting to viewers during an Instagram Live when she decided to leak a 30-second snippet of her new single, Easy On Me.

And, if the snippet is anything to go by, it’s going to be a classic Adele tearjerker.

“Might get in trouble for playing this,” she admitted, as she started to play some of the track, which includes some very emotional lyrics.

“There ain’t no gold in this river that I’ve been washing my hands in forever / I know there is hope in these waters but I can’t bring myself to swim when I am drowning in this silence / Baby, let me in”, the song goes.

It’s fair to say that fans are now even more excited to hear the song in full on October 15:

But it wasn’t just the new song that had everyone talking – people were simply loving Adele’s first ever Instagram Live and shared their highlights.

When asked what her new album is about, the 33-year-old replied: “Divorce baby, divorce...”

Adele announced her split from charity boss Simon Konecki in April 2019 and their divorce was finalised in March this year. The pair share custody of nine-year-old son Angelo.

One viewer asked if there would be a potential collaboration with Peppa Pig, and the singer’s answer left some disappointed.

Meanwhile, another viewer bizarrely asked Adele what her body count is – the number of people she’s slept with – and people were loving her reaction due to the fact she didn’t know what it meant.

Adele also gave fans an insight to a number of things, including that her favourite thing to do during lockdown was drink wine, that she prefers Eastenders to Coronation Street and that her favourite crisps are Prawn Cocktail or Ready Salted Walkers... who knew?

Last week, Adele announced her big music comeback after a six-year break since her last album in 2015, 25.

To share the high anticipated return, the popstar has released a 21-second teaser clip of the music video, which appears to be a piano-led track and uses her classic black and white filter.

While other details such as the album name remain unclear, many fans are speculating that it will be called 30 after dozens of billboard with this number on were spotted across the world at famous landmarks in the lead up to the announcement, such as France, Italy, Dubai, Germany, Ireland, the US, (and of course) the UK, with “#Adele30” trending on Twitter.

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