Alan Sugar says austerity inevitable after coronavirus lockdown

Lord Sugar has just come out with the world's worst take about working from home and people can't believe it.

Posting on Twitter, the business magnate sparked criticism after he responded to a Good Morning Britain segment about how the cost of living crisis will affect those who don't work from the office, and claimed homeworkers are actually "saving" money on travel costs so "should be paid less."

The 75-year-old wrote: "@GMB are saying people who work from home should be paid more to keep warm as companies are saving money while the worker are away. RUBBISH they have to pay rent, heating and rates with or without a full workplace. People should be paid less they are saving travel costs."

If ignoring the basic fact that being at home means using more energy (which is getting quite expensive in case you hadn't heard) by using the heating, charging laptops and more wasn't bad enough the Apprentice star went further in his tirade and said people who work from home are "lazy gits".

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And when someone dared criticise him, he called them a "scum bag" before saying workers watch TV when they are at home.

Following his remarks, Lord Sugar received widespread criticism from people on Twitter who thought he was talking utter nonsense.

All we can say to Lord Sugar is: You're fired".

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