Andrew Tate's Hustler's University affiliate scheme shut down after social media bans

Andrew Tate's Hustler's University affiliate scheme shut down after social media bans
Andrew Tate says you're not a millionaire if you cook

Andrew Tate has shut down his affiliate marketing program at Hustler's University due to his recent Facebook and Instagram bans on Friday (19 August).

In the program, the "students" could earn a commission for each new member that signed up using their links.

People online often questioned how the professional kickboxer, entrepreneur, and content creator– who is outspoken about his controversial ideologies—could gain notability on social media platforms.

And many of them attributed his popularity to the Hustler's University affiliate program.

For $50 a month, Hustler's University provides lessons on crypto investing and drop shipping and claims that students can earn more than $10,000 each month.

The 'university' also offered an affiliate program, allowing the currently enrolled students to recruit new ones for commission.

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In a report from The Guardian, affiliate program members were urged to start "arguments" by posting contentious clips of Tate to apps like TikTok to get referrals.

This prompted new "Andrew Tate" TikTok accounts with affiliate links to Hustler's University in their bios.

On 20 August, the day after Tate was banned on Facebook and Instagram, the university shut down its affiliate program and said it has "no future."

This comes a month after Stripe – the school's payment platform – pulled out of digital processing payments for them.

Although Stripe did not comment explicitly on why it stopped working with the school, it stated its policies bar certain activities like "get rich quick schemes."

Hustler's University still offers its courses at $50 a month, but the monetary incentive for students to recruit others is gone.

Numerous organisations called for Tate's content to be removed due to his disparaging comments against women, citing its adverse influence on young men and boys.

The content creator lauded ideas such as women as property, diminishing sexual harassment, and more.

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