Andrew Tate says he can save Will Smith with Qatar and Islam

Andrew Tate says he can save Will Smith with Qatar and Islam
Internet personality Andrew Tate claims men are weak if they live with ...
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Controversial kickboxer Andrew Tate has offered Will Smith a path of redemption.

Smith took to YouTube last week to offer a public apology to comedian Chris Rock, who Smith slapped at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

However, Tate doesn't seem to think that is enough, and a clip has resurfaced of him offering his own guidance.

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"Smith is a punk, man" said Tate.

"I’m taking him to Qatar and he’s going to convert to Islam with me.”

Tate has paid praise to Islam in the past - offering up on the Fresh & Fit podcast that Islam 'fixes all the problems that men face'.

That's not the only thing Tate offered 'advice' on, also offering his thoughts on Will's relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith and what Will 'should do', saying that the Academy Award winner was 'stupid' and a 'b*tch'.

“Obviously I’m the smartest man alive, so I’d rip her up, but Will is stupid," said Tate speaking directly to his fanbase back in March.

"I would have been like no, what do you mean for you? This ain’t all about you. We are a couple, we have a public image which you have destroyed. This isn’t about you. Will’s a b*tch. So what he’s letting her do is not only she controlling the pace, but now she’s set the frame of the argument well, it’s about me. This talk is about me and how I feel and what happened to me."

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