Andrew Tate accuses MrBeast of 'lying' after not winning YouTuber's competition

Andrew Tate accuses MrBeast of 'lying' after not winning YouTuber's competition
Andrew Tate claims the 'truth will be known' as he arrives at …

Andrew Tate is upset he didn’t win a MrBeast competition, and he’s claimed the YouTuber’s latest giveaway is a “lie” and is the work of “Satan”.

MrBeast, real name James Stephen Donaldson, announced last month that he’d be giving away his Twitter revenue for a month to the person who could achieve the most likes with their reply to his Tweet.

The giveaway was launched on July 14, which was just after Twitter confirmed its revenue-sharing program with verified profiles.

“Whoever has the most liked reply to this in 48 hours gets all my Twitter revenue for the next month,” MrBeast posted, prompting a flurry of responses.

Tate was one of the people who replied to MrBeast, and he managed to rack up more than 279,000 likes. The controversial influencer originally said he’d give the money to his own charity, Tate Pledge, if he won.

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However, he didn’t win and now he’s pretty unhappy about it.

Tate was beaten by French content creator Arkunir, who managed more than 472,000 likes. Arkunir pledged to give the money to an animal protection foundation.

Tate didn’t take it well after the winner was announced, claiming that it was a “lie” and thousands of “bots” had faked the result.

“They botted a random tweet after I won,” Tate wrote.

“They refuse to donate to Islamic countries. Refuse to help innocent children. Refuse to help the world. They only want to push the agendas of Satan.”

Alright Andrew, if you say so.

Tate clearly wasn't impressed he lost outGetty Images

Tate, along with his brother Tristan and two other associates, has been charged in Romania with rape, human trafficking and forming an organised crime group.

It comes after Tate attempted to troll Amanda Holden but everyone pointed out his hypocrisy.

The bizarre crossover unfolded after Holden posted a photo of herself wearing a black bikini and standing under an outdoor shower.

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