Ariana Grande’s ‘real voice’ in interview shocks fans: "So strange"

Ariana Grande’s ‘real voice’ in interview shocks fans: "So strange"
Ariana Grande 'reprocessing' relationship with Nickelodeon
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People have been left shocked after momentarily hearing Ariana Grande’s “real” voice in an interview.

Grande is arguably one of the biggest international pop artists, having made her start on the television network Nickelodeon as a child star.

Today, she has an instantly recognisable voice in her songs as well as when she speaks, and it is Grande’s voice that has been the source of some conversation recently after the star appeared to break out of her typically high-pitched speaking voice for a brief moment.

It happened during an appearance on actor Penn Badgley’s podcast, Podcrushed, and a clip of the moment has since gone viral online.

In the video, Grande is seen laughing and reacting to something that was previously said. As she spoke, her voice began to get lower for a second, before she transitioned back to speaking in a high-pitched tone.

“This voice change is sending me. Regular Ariana was coming out for a second,” the clip was captioned on X/Twitter.

The post sparked conversations about the way her speaking voice appears to have changed over the years.

“She has issues because what… she just changed her entire voice and demeanour in a second???” one person wrote.

Another said: “Acting/singing really is a full time job, must feel insane having to monitor your voice like this 24/7 bc it’s your job eish.”

Someone else wrote: “Love her down but she is so strange. What is with her changing personas/voices/races every few years just be yourself omg.”

However, others argued that it is a legitimate technique vocalists use to protect their voice.

Someone explained: “I hope y’all in the replies know that Ariana doesn’t do this to ‘seem cute’ etc. A LOT of singers do this, it's a vocal technique to protect and preserve the singer’s voice. Now please get off her back…”

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