Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are officially single breaking off a four-year engagement.

In a joint statement to TODAY that announced their breakup, saying: “We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so.”

Judging my that, one would think that this was quite an amicable separation.

But A-Rod might have been doing this to mask how he feels - because his Instagram Story paints a whole different picture.

He took to the app to post a video of his camera panning across framed photos of J-Lo with a Coldplay track playing softly in the background.

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You see pictures of the pair coupled up, photos of their children, and even a double framed side-by-side photo of J-Lo in one frame and, bizarrely, Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand from the iconic “Happy Days Are Here Again” duet in the other.

Photos of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

That was an interesting one, but it might have to do with J-Lo and happier times, but we’re as clueless as you guys on this.

Then he pans in on a picture of what appears to be their names drawn on the sand with a heart around it. What’s more? J Lo’s Instagram handle is tagged in the video.

“Jennifer +Alex”

So sweet, yet kind of cringe.

Hopefully, A-Rod feels better and realizes that this Instagram Story might not be the best look at this time.

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