7 facts that show just how rich Bill Gates really is

7 facts that show just how rich Bill Gates really is
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Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing, they have said, after a 27 year marriage.

Posting on social media, the couple explained that they would continue to work together at their charitable foundation but would no longer be a couple.

This has raised some questions about how the couple will split their assets. In Washington, where the live, couples must halve their fortune unless they have signed a prenuptial agreement and it is not known whether the couple did so.

Regardless, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Gates (who co-founded Microsoft) is the fourth-richest person in the world, worth $146 billion, so whether it is split down the middle or in any other way, the couple are at no risk of destitution.

To put it in perspective:

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1. Bill Gates makes $4,630 per second

He could be sleeping, he could be on the toilet, and the money just rolls in. Business Insider calculated the sum by examining the amount his wealth has increased in the last year – from $105 billion to $146 billion.

2. If Gates spent $1 million a day, it would take him more about 400 years to spend his fortune

More clever sums from BI and it sounds like spending that much would be a very difficult task, especially as he is known to live a relatively frugal lifestyle in comparison to his stacks. We humbly put ourselves forward to help Gates.

3. Gates is about 66% richer than the British monarchy

The Queen and fam are worth around $88 billion, pennies to Gates.

4. Gates’ net worth is greater than the GDP of Luxembourg, Estonia, and Bolivia – combined

Luxembourg’s GDP is about $71 billion, Estonia’s is $31.4 billion, and Bolivia’s is $40.8 billion, according to World Bank data. That is mad.

5. Gates could give every single living person on the planet $15 – and still have $28 billion left over

Again, we humbly put ourselves forward to receive 15 big ones.

6. There are roughly $80,000 worth of computer screens sitting around his house

Not a great place to host a drinks party then. Drunk guest, precious equipment, clumsiness. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

7. He has given away 27% of his net worth to charity over the years

In 2017, for instance, he invested $50 million into Alzheimer’s research and later gave another $30 million to a “venture philanthropy” fund called Diagnostics Accelerator, which has the aim of diagnosing Alzheimer’s earlier.

Yet the man is still positively balling.

You get the idea; Bill Gates is rich.


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