Billie Eilish says if you don't care about climate you're a bad person

Billie Eilish struggles with climate anxiety: 'It makes me feel sick'

Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish is passionate about climate change - and she thinks you should be too.

In her cover story for this month’s issue of Vogue, Eilish, 21, joined a group of other climate activists to discuss why changing everyday habits and fighting for the sake of our planet is important.

With millions of fans around the world looking to her for inspiration, Eilish says she tries to shine a light on climate change without becoming too in-your-face about it.

“I’ve spent all my effort trying not to be in people’s faces about it,” Eilish told Vogue.

“Because people don’t respond well to that. It makes the causes that you believe in look bad, because you’re, like, annoying the s*** out of everybody.”

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Even though Eilish doesn’t make it her absolute priority to make fans adhere to better environmentally-friendly lifestyles, she still believes people should follow in her footsteps.

“I’m not going to tell you what to do. I’m just going to tell you why I do this,” she explained.

She jokingly added, “but you’re also a bad person if you don’t do it.”

Like many young people, Eilish says she struggles with climate anxiety, or feeling hopeless, frustrated, and lost about the state of the planet.

This feeling especially rings true for Eilish because she knows she's contributed to un-environmentally friendly things like creating and selling merchandise as well as taking plans to tour the world.

"I don’t want to be parading around like, 'look at me! I’m making a difference'," Eilish says. "I just want to be making the difference and shutting the f*** up about it.”

Unlike many celebrities, Eilish does think of her carbon footprint despite her fame and fortune.

For example, Eilish insists on flying commercial or chooses to wear upcycled clothing on the red carpet.

Last year, she convinced Oscar de la Renta designers to stop using fur when making clothing, something that PETA praised and eventually awarded Eilish "person of the year" for.

“I wish I could just make changes in my life and save the world alone,” Eilish says. “Grow my own food and live off the grid. Erase my carbon footprint.

“But all that does is erase me. When really, if every single person just did half of what they should do, we could fix this.”

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