Lizzo's outfit on a private jet sparks debate about what is appropriate to wear on a flight

Lizzo's outfit on a private jet sparks debate about what is appropriate to wear on a flight
Lizzo shows off cut-out leggings from new shapewear line

Lizzo's outfit choice on a private jet sparked a debate online about what is appropriate to wear on a plane.

The "Truth Hurts" singer, who has not shied away from addressing "fatphobic and racist" messages she receives, posted a video on both her Instagram and Twitter to showcase pieces from her new shapewear line Yitty.

She also promoted her new song, "About Damn Time," which is set to be released on Thursday (April 14).

Within the video, Lizzo can be seen getting out of her car. The beginning of her new song plays as she strolls up the stairs of a private jet, and she's sporting a bra and high-waisted leggings from her collection. The legging also has a majority of the back cut out.

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"YITTY DROPS IN 20 MINUTES!! YOU TOO CAN SHOW UR A** ON A JET-- @Yitty," Lizzo tweeted out in response to a People story about her attire.

People on social media praised the musical artist for her outfit. However, there was some criticism for flying on a private jet and the effects it would have on the environment (many of it was trolling in the guise of concern or fat-shaming).

However, one comment focused on Lizzo's outfit decision and compared it to one worn by former Ms. Universe Olivia Culpo. Culpo was recently told to put on a sweatshirt to cover up her outfit (black biker shorts, black sports bra, and black cardigan) before heading on an American Airlines flight to Mexico.

It's worth noting that airlines can determine their own dress codes. In June 2021, United Airlines revised its appearance standards for workers to "permit freedom of gender expression so that employees can feel their best at work".

"So Lizzo's allowed to get her BARE ASS on a plane & it's fine, but Olivia Cuplo, former Ms. Universe, is forced to wear her boyfriend's hoddie to fly Cabo cause it was 'inappropriate'… we're truly living in a clown world," a woman who goes by @thatstarwarsgirl77 on Twitter.

The tweet, which went viral, included fatphobic language and is essentially asking her why she was allowed to wear what she wanted while Culpo wasn't afforded the same opportunity.

People also took to the post's comments to point out one reason why Lizzo wasn't restricted from wearing what she wanted on the plane: She was on a private jet and didn't face the ambiguous dress code guidelines from commercial flights like Culpo.

Others further said that this debate stemmed from Lizzo's weight.

"Why y'all up here making a joke about the way she looks[?] SHE STILL GETTING BREAD, STILL BEAUTIFUL AND UPLIFTING MANY WOMEN ACROSS THE WORLD. It's so sickening that the world [is] STILL LIKE THIS…when would it stop? It's 2022 #watchoutforthebiggrrrls," one wrote.

Another added: "You are very pretty. I'm aware people do not see you as the current popular beauty standard, which is why you get so much aggressive hate but continue to thrive. People don't realize that their ideas are not their own, which is why beauty is just that, a 'trend' hence being cyclical."

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