Bride and transgender cousin's row over wedding stereotypes divides the internet

Before the internet, people outside the gaze of the press could only rely on close friends to honestly tell them whether or not they’d been out of line.

Nowadays, strangers across the world are willing to dissect your complex woes free of charge, or as on one particular subreddit, tell you if you are, in fact, "the a**hole".

One worried bride took to the website to share a genuinely tricky dilemma.

Given the stresses and dangers that are a regular part of life for many transgender people, most advisors adopted the mother's point of view with regards to the initial row over the bride's perceived insensitivity.

But for many, the cousin's later comments about her marriage being flawed, and her being "basic", were serious grounds for questioning whether he should still play a vital role in her wedding.

Many people agreed with this logic.

But the most powerful arguments were those advising empathy.

HT: Someecards

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