Charlize Theron's son dressed as his favourite princess and people lost their minds

Picture: Disney UK/YouTube
Picture: Disney UK/YouTube

Child plays dress up, and bigots on the internet had a problem with it.

Charlize Theron's wore a dress and blonde hair in order to look like princess is Elsa from Frozen and people on the internet decided to kick off.

As we all know, parenting your child is everyone else's business, and access to wifi is the main qualification needed to provide advice and criticisms on how you're doing it.

A photo was taken of the actress with her adopted son Jackson getting out of their car. Jackson was wearing a dress and blonde wig, in order to look like the character Elsa from the 2013 film Frozen.

One of the first to pitch in with condemnation was Brian Williams, the host of a radio show in Chicago.

Others felt it was bad because she was promoting her politics (Theron is widely known as being pro-Disney) and using her son to do it.

The user 'Marcellus X' wanted to make sure you knew Jackson's ethnicity, because apparently dressing up as a character from fiction is worse when you're black than when you're white.

'LizM', whose Twitter handle is '@SmartChicksRule' didn't seem to understand the difference between a parade and having photos taken of you while you're getting out of your car.

There have also been lots of people who called out this display of bigotry for what it was.

There are many reasons that could be suggested, that explain why Jackson was wearing the clothes he was wearing in a photograph which Theron and her son were not posing for.

None of them matter. She has nothing to explain. There's some clear advice to give to the people who find what a child wears offensive:

Let it go.

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